An overview of OmniFlix MintFest 2022

MintFest 2022 was a four-day event held by the Flix Fam community, where collectors were able to mint NFTs from 20 collections at a special price, determined by the creator. The event took place over the Thanksgiving long weekend and was a huge success, with collectors from multiple ecosystems participating by minting/collecting NFTs on

One of the highlights of MintFest 2022 was the raffle by the Flix Fanatics at the end of the event. The Flix Fanatics, organized the raffle, where three Thank You NFT holders were picked at random. This gave users who consistently participated in the MintFest 2022 a higher chance of winning. The winning contestants were given their rewards.

In addition to the raffle, MintFest 2022 featured a range of activities and promotions. Creators were able to promote their collections and reach new audiences, and collectors were given special Thank You NFTs as a way to express our gratitude and appreciation towards the collectors.

During the event, the Flix Fam community also held an AMA session with the Major League Baseball player, World Series Champion and legend Curt Schilling.

Overall, MintFest 2022 was a great success, with collectors and creators alike coming together to celebrate the growing potential of the NFT space. The event highlighted the strong community spirit of the Flix Fam, and it was a great way for new collectors to get involved and learn more about the world of NFTs. It also provided an opportunity for creators to showcase their work and reach new audiences, and it was a fantastic way to kick off the holiday season.

Looking ahead, the Flix Fam community is already planning for more such events. With the NFT space continuing to grow and evolve, there's no telling what exciting developments and innovations we'll see in the coming months. But one thing is for sure: MintFest 2022 will be remembered & the Flix Fam is here to stay!

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