How To Request For Fee Grant On OmniFlix Marketplace

In this short tutorial, I will show you how to request a fee grant on the OmniFlix marketplace in a few steps.

1) Visit the OmniFlix Market place

On your desktop browser visit

Click connect to connect your wallet to the marketplace.

2) Click on the account menu

A pop-up menu is shown
A pop-up menu is shown

3) Scroll down on the pop-up menu and click on "request fee grant."

4) Approve the Keplr pop-up

Click approve on the Keplr pop-up

A success message is shown and the fee grant has been awarded.

Congratulations! You can now pay for transactions on OmniFlix Network with the Fee Grant!

OmniFlix is a p2p network for creators and communities to create, manage and distribute their intellectual property, starting with media assets. OmniFlix Network helps stakeholders use the web3 stack to distribute assets and engage with their community, all powered by sovereign infrastructure.

Do more with your NFTs on OmniFlix. Join our community today, and mint your first collection for free!

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