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OmniFlix is a home away from home, while mostly still at home #RemoteWorkLife. OmniFlix Studio facilitates a variety of activities to assist creators in better managing their intellectual property (IP). Creators can tokenize their digital or non-digital assets by minting them as NFTs. The Studio supports 11 types of NFTs, with more on the way, all of which can be customized based on the creator’s preferences and needs, and monetization is enabled through the Marketplace

Let’s dig into the types of NFTs and some collections in each category:

  • Audio or Music NFTs

Music NFTs are one of the most fascinating types of NFTs. Purchasing them may appear to be the blockchain equivalent of buying tracks from a web2 app such as iTunes. However, on iTunes, you only have a license to listen to the content you paid for; there is no asset ownership.

Music NFTs allow anyone to listen to the tracks and also get rights to transfer ownership, sell, or even use the assets in the production of other assets (the exact rights and permissions you have depends on the type of license).

Huitzi Diaz’s HDMusic collection is one of the most popular music NFT collections on the OmniFlix marketplace.

Other notable collections are Acid Space and Dope Stilo who minted the first live musical performance on OmniFlix Twitter Space as an NFT.

  • Video NFTs

Similar to audio NFTs, creators can mint video files into NFTs.

Notably, video NFTs can showcase creativity across various fields, including fashion, entertainment, animation, or even a live sporting event. The collection below is a snippet of a music video by Kronos on sale for 99 ATOM.

  • Text NFTs

Text NFTs involve uploading plain text to the OmniFlix studio. The text may be written in a document file such as Google Docs, Word, or any other type of document a creator may deem appropriate.

Authors can sell their books as NFTs and manage the rights and licenses through OmniFlix. One of the notable Text NFT collections on the OmniFlix marketplace is The Sand King, a novel about an old evil that has once again been awakened. Can the Sand King overcome madness, chaos, and betrayal? Get a copy to find out.

  • Image NFTs

This is arguably the most common type of NFT. Artists all over the world have turned to NFTs as the best way to get value for their work and build a community and presence in the artistic realm.

On OmniFlix, creators can seamlessly upload image files and mint them into NFTs in less than a minute. Creators such as Pegah Pouyanfar have used her collection, named Kilim Art, to showcase the designs of Persian rugs, which collectors can request the physical handmade version of, for an additional fee.

  • AI-Generated Media NFTs

The combination of AI and NFT is surreal and offers limitless possibilities. Despite being a relatively new category with seemingly unusual characteristics, creators are gravitating toward it and learning how to capitalize on AI.

Most AI-generated media combines programable instructions (not necessarily code) and AI generators, implying that anyone can explore this option with little or no constraint. The collection above shows a series of instances where AI-generated media is used.

  • Trading Card NFTs

Trading cards are traditionally associated with sports (baseball cards are particularly common), but they can also include subjects such as Pokémon and other non-sports trading cards.

Trading cards have found their way into the blockchain space with popular games such as Gods Unchained and Splinterland. The OmniFlix Community is buzzing about trading card games, with collections like Tangled NFT’s IBC Game.

  • dApp NFTs

This category of NFT involves decentralized applications that incorporate the use of NFT or tokenization systems. In this case, the OmniFlix ecosystem serves multiple functions, including GameFi, where players can engage in different tournaments using different characters and in-game items that take the form of NFTs.

  • Photography NFTs

Similar to the image NFT, this category of NFT is dedicated to photographers who need a platform to exhibit their creativity. Specifically, photographers can upload their work to the studio and mint them as NFTs.

A good iteration of a Photography NFT collection is WildFlix V.01. WildFlix is a collection of photographed moments of Sri Lankan Elephants across various national parks of the island nation.

  • Non-Transferable Badges

A non-transferable badge is a term derived from the non-transferable token standard that describes a token that allows the identification of statements (called badges or soulbound NFTs) attributed to a wallet.

Web 3 communities and DAOs can issue NFTs that symbolize unique experiences and provide access to exclusive content and gated communities.

An example of a non-transferable badge in the form of a soulbound NFT is the WildPass collection, each NFT grants exclusive benefits to participants of an interactive educational video on OmniFlix TV.

  • 3D NFTs

OmniFlix is a platform for everyone, including 3D modelers. Creators can create 3D multimedia files, such as images and videos, or any other type of 3D modeling.

The value and recognition of 3D NFTs will undoubtedly increase as the Metaverse becomes more well-known. 3D NFTs have also become popular as profile pictures on social media platforms; the Tardigrade NFT collection is frequently used by the FlixFam.

  • Phygital NFTs

NFTs can be used to represent physical assets (phygital NFTs). Phygital NFTs are divided into two parts. One component of a physical NFT is metadata-based digital assets, such as smart contracts embedded in an NFT. The other part is the actual physical asset, such as a ticket, property, or 3D models.

For example, a collaboration between Fashion 3 and OmniFlix in which real-life clothing is being sold as NFTs The Fashion 3 wears are available in three sizes (S, L, and XL) and sell for 26 ATOM.

Ultimately, OmniFlix Studio creates a path to infinite possibilities for the creator economy, with much more in development — so stay tuned!

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