FlixNet-4 Incentivized Testnet Guide

The FlixNet-4 incentivized testnet kicks of on the 20th of October. It is made up of five tasks that the FlixFam must complete. We will walk through these activities step by step.

Wallet Setup

Skip this step if you already have Keplr wallet installed.

Keplr is an open-source browser extension wallet that supports the Cosmos interchain ecosystem. It provides functionalities for account and wallet management for all Cosmos-SDK based blockchains. Refer to This article to setup Keplr.

Connect Studio App with Keplr Wallet

1) Visit the testnet studio URL here

Click the “Connect with Keplr” menu, and approve the Keplr connection in the pop-up window.

2) Following the above pages' approval, the page is redirected to the main menu. Click the "Asset (Mint, Manage, and Monetize)" menu

Claim FLIX tokens

1) Click on your OmniFlix address

It will pop up your account information

2) Click on ‘Claim Tokens’

It will display a faucet page

3) Click on ‘Claim Test Tokens’

4) Then you’ll see a successful message

Creating A Collection

1) Hover your mouse over the "create" tab in the top right corner of the page to reveal the hidden options. Select the "NFT collection" menu

The starred fields are required information that a creator must enter

5) Fill in the necessary collection information and click the "mint collection" button. Verify the collection info in the pop-up box and click the “Confirm" button. Approve the Keplr transaction to create your collection.

A "congratulations" tab is shown, confirming that your collection is now minted and added to the network. You can now mint your assets as NFTs under this collection.

Minting Your NFTs

1) After creating a collection, hover your mouse over the "create" tab at the top right corner of the page to reveal the hidden options. Select the "NFT collection" menu

Multiple assets can be dragged and dropped to be uploaded at once, or click to upload and select the assets to be uploaded.

Click “Go to asset library” once the upload has been completed

2) On the asset library page, you'll find your uploaded assets under the Non-minted assets menu. Click the “mint NFT” button at the bottom of the asset image

The page is redirected to the create asset page where the information about the NFT file will be filled in. Select the created collection in the collection field. Click “Next” after all the information required has been filled in.

3) OmniFlix studio provides an array of options on how your NFT can be minted, select the collection the NFT should be minted into. You already created a collection earlier, you can select that.

4) Click on the "Mint NFT” menu and you'll get a pop-up to confirm the options selected.

Click “Confirm mint NFT” to confirm the mint and approve the transaction on the keplr pop-up.

5) A success page is shown that the asset has been minted as an NFT, click on "save and exit"

You have successfully minted and added your first NFT to your collection.

Auction Listing

1) On the collection page hover your mouse on the unlisted NFT and Click on "List NFT"

2) Select the Timed Auction menu

Select the token, the minimum bid price, the bid percentage increase as well as the auction start date and end date as desired. Click on “Create Auction“

3) The List NFT Confirmation pop-up appears, displaying all listing data.

Click on the "Confirm Auction" menu to proceed and approve the keplr prompt

4) A success message is shown

Your NFT Auction has been successfully created

How To Bid On An Auction

1) Visit the testnet marketplace here

To link your keplr wallet with the marketplace, select the "Connect" option. Then, select the "Marketplace" menu to view NFTs on sale**.**

2) Choose the Auction tab and then select the NFT you wish to bid on

Click on the "place bid"

3) Check the bid info and click "Place Bid"

Approve the keplr pop-up

4) A success message is shown

Your bid has been placed successfully

Note: You can bid on more than one NFT at a time to increase your chances of winning an auction

Win An Auction

If you won an auction, you’ll receive that NFT. Don’t forget to check your account.

Do more with your NFTs on OmniFlix. Join our community today, and mint your first collection for free!

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