Fluent Launches Private Devnet

We are thrilled to announce Fluent’s private devnet, a major step in our journey to help web3 onboard millions of developers and power the next generation of scalable apps on Ethereum.

We envision a future where developers can enter the Ethereum ecosystem with the programming languages, frameworks and tools they love most and where the learning curve to build onchain is minimal. Realizing this vision starts with shipping a product and getting developer feedback - hence why we’re so excited about today.

This also marks the very start of zkWasm execution on Ethereum!

Initial Launch Partners

This week we’ll roll out a private release to our first cohort of launch partners.

This is a preliminary developer version of the Fluent L2 explicitly designed for deploying and interacting with Wasm-based smart contracts, utilizing a compatible go-Ethereum execution environment.

During this period, we will closely monitor the devnet, run extensive stress tests, and address issues that arise. Our aim is to iron out wrinkles and iterate towards a seamless developer experience.

🥁 Introducing our initial launch partners!

  • Giza: Platform for verifiable ML models and AI apps

  • Composable Finance: Cross-chain interoperability and intent execution protocol

  • Paima Studios: Framework for gaming, gamification and autonomous worlds

  • Tashi: Blazing fast decentralised gaming

  • Turbo: Next-gen 2D game engine and marketplace

  • Archetypal Labs: Onchain gaming studio and autonomous world infrastructure

  • Gameplan: Sports metaverse with mini-games and exclusive fan interactions

  • Hyper Oracle: Programmable zkOracle protocol

  • Vistara Labs: Hardware availability layer for modular blockchains

  • Modular Cloud: Block explorer and serverless data retrieval APIs for modular blockchains

We’ll be working closely with each of these projects and adapting the Fluent stack based on their input.

Join the Early Builders Program

Don’t worry, you have not missed the boat.

We started with an intimate group to make sure everything goes smoothly, but we’ll onboard more launch partners and builders on a rolling basis. This approach also allows us to constantly introduce fresh perspectives and diversity into the Fluent ecosystem.

If you’re excited about Fluent and the future of zkWasm on Ethereum, reach out!

More Ways to Get Involved

If you’re not quite ready to build on Fluent but still want to participate, there are several ways to get involved:

One step closer to launching the Fluent L2 and our mission of helping millions of developers build onchain!

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