Fren Pet Next Steps

We are more motivated than ever to keep exploring the FrenPet game and psychological ownership onchain.

Today we’ll share a bit about our vision and roadmap for the coming quarter

Onchain Value

On the surface FrenPet is a simple tamagotchi game, however the crypto game theory behind is very complex and also studies show that tamagotchis are very effective to create attachment, this creates a powerful and very emotional (as you may have experienced) dynamic.

We believe FrenPet can be special as long term players feel attachment over their pets and the app, unlike to other crypto apps they use.

Most crypto protocols today are purely financially incentivized with economics that don’t work at scale. while this is good for financial applications, it doesn’t totally make sense for many other type of applications.

We believe that your attention invested in the game can be rewarding, fulfilling and if enough users join you, it can also create a positive feedback loop with potential upside.

A cute, extremely fun to play, incentive aligned game, can not only achieve growth and be valuable, but empower players to build a community and challenge the crypto status quo.

Painfully fun journey of growth

Pets will die, devs are blamed for all sorts of conspiracies by some users that are just learning to use basecan.. emotions run high.

It will be painfully (fun) to survive and see if we can get to test our hypothesis that caring about something onchain can lead to value creation, even if not obvious from first glance.

While we improve FrenPet you can (and many users do) play it calmly for $10-20 a month. FrenPet is for everyone.

As we are entering a new crypto boom cycle, to reach 100s of thousands of players we need to think outside of our little bubble and make it approachable for everyone.

Introducing pGOLD

Today every player that joins FrenPet pays 10 FP that goes to a multisig saved for long term aligned players rewards, this will only grow as the game grows.

This system acts as an insurance for players to get rewarded when the FrenPet community reaches it’s expansion goals.

We are introducing a new (non ERC20, non tradable or transferable. Ever) in-game point system called pGOLD (pet gold) as a tool to decide how to distribute the long term players FP rewards.

10 million pGOLD will be released over the next 3 months for season 1, more will be reassessed after

pGOLD is fully onchain, and will be distributed every Friday, starting Friday Dec 8th.

The weekly distribution criteria won’t be shared publicly but will be a mix of in-game (some with gas, some gas-less signature based), in-app play, leaderboard, and more onchain stats.

pGOLD will be heavily integrated within the game and the arcade where players can gain or lose pGOLD from other players based on skill and fun games.

A few things to note:

  1. The pGOLD balance is per pet and it gets burned when your pet dies.

  2. There is not a set date of when the community treasury will be distributed, we expect FrenPet to grow first.

  3. Owning too many pets becomes more complex as the game grows so do it at your own risk.

  4. The distribution algorithm can change without previous warning.

  5. We reserve the right to reward with pGOLD pets of community members that help, build or spread positivity around FrenPet. We’ll share publicly if we decide to reward someone.

Community aligned incentives

With the introduction of the players treasury FP and pGOLD as a way to distribute it, we believe FrenPet has the most transparent and organic incentive program in crypto.

  1. FrenPet was launched in the open for free, unappreciated for months

  2. Long term players not only have fun growing their pets, but have a good outcome if the game does well, as the players treasury and shared ETH rewards goes to them.

  3. No inflation.

  4. Speculators have known predictability and stats, no surprises, dyor.

  5. Developers and players get part of the upside from royalties as long as the game grows.

The only way FrenPet can fail is if community participants (developers, players, speculators) act in self interest and don’t share FrenPet enough with the world.

Truth Or Dare

Next week™️ we’ll release the Truth Or Dare game.

Top players on the leaderboard can earn or risk pGOLD against other pets.

If you thought bonking was fun..truth or dare?

FrenPet World

We’ve been working behind the scenes on the biggest game yet that will be added to the arcade.

Hatch, grow, buy, sell and send your pet to adventures to expand your land by battling other pets..

Fren Pet World is still a few months away, we’ll share more as we get closer to release.

Upgrading Core Game Mechanics

We are discussing internally the change of some of the mechanics around killing and burning pets. We’ll share more about this next week.

Stars will remain.


Fren Pet is an indie game currently bootstrapped by 2 self funded developers, mistakes and bugs should be expected, report them when you experience them.

Most startups fail.

The game was released in a fair way via BaseSwap, The purchase of the FP tokens does not constitute an investment contract or any form of investment advice. Fren Pet does no guarantees or promise about the future value or performance of the token, and the value of the token may fluctuate significantly.

Note that it might be illegal for you to own and/or play Fren Pet depending on your jurisdiction, check with your local laws.

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