Enter the Moniverse. Wizards v1.


Gm fellow wonderer, let me start from the beginning…

Moni Research path started two years ago when I gathered early Twitter projects in Google Sheets. Then our first researcher HONKAYO joined me. After that, we decided to come up with a digestible format and created Alpha Reports. Finally, we came to the idea that we needed to make a Discovery Platform and form a Community around all this. And so the concept of ​​Moni Wizards was born.

Some nostalgia –> Check our old Google sheet, and look at this beautiful madness (3000+ projects): link.

And since then, we have delivered more than 300+ reports for ourselves and the community; check the sample: link. A bunch of gems and blue chips were found, and some rekts and rug pulls were eaten along the way.

Team background and what we already built

Moni team members are also market participants and “crypto natives”. This means that we are constantly at the forefront of the market and understand the vector of movement and emerging trends. Thus, by creating products in Moni, we solve the problems and pains we face daily, just like our users. OUR TEAM

Our products

👾 Web3 tracker (getmoni.io) - a tracking and analytics platform for web3: NFTs, Tokens, and Accounts. 3000+ monthly active users and 19000+ wallets connected.

👄 Moni Talks (monitalks.xyz) - crypto media in a simple and funky language, with over 30k readers. ”I read avidly every issue of Moni Talks to stay in trend.” — Anton Bukov (Co-Founder of 1inch).

⚔️ Moni Battles (battles.getmoni.io) - a simulator of crypto investments where users build their portfolios and compete with each other. We conducted battles with Binance, 1inch, Akash, Tronchain, Near Protocol, and Aurora. Over 6,000 participants in all time with more than $32,300 rewards.

Moni Frens


We always were builders by day, degens by night. It was helping us to be on the edge of new trends and products of web3. That’s why we see all emerging pains and problems that we can solve.

And as degens, we know that the best way to succeed in crypto in terms of risk/reward is – to find promising projects early.

The market is growing, and it becomes difficult to search for alpha on your own and therefore, you need a private community that will consist of researchers and degens to work together. We have created a number of tools throughout these two years that we are ready to share with a small group of people.

So, we decided to create 🧙‍♀️ Moni Wizards – a collection of 200 NFTs granting access to the private community of Moni, who’s getting perks and benefits with it.

We’re building a community of passionate Giga Brains and community-centric products that empowers alpha hunters, celebrate knowledge, and activate members’ collaboration.

Moreover, Monians are Giga 1) 🛠 builders, 2) 🔦 researchers and 3) 🎨extraordinary creatives. And we’re providing them with all the needed tools to be on the edge of data research.

1.🛠 What do we build?

🔍 Discover Dashboard: link This is the first version of the ML-based Web3 analytics platform for finding and tracking the newest web3 projects super early. [sub. ~$500+ per month or FREE for Wizards] Explore new alpha, followed by Smarts, with powerful Insights. And don’t miss any important updates, news, or tweets with Fast Alerts to Telegram/Discord.

Our dev, design, and research teams work full-time to improve it, relying on feedback from the Wizards.

🤖 Alpha Bots (FREE for Wizards) A set of tools that help us deliver alpha with curated Lists:– track the new emerging projects from Twitter; – track the off-chain actions of the Smart guys on Twitter; – track the on-chain transactions of curated Smart Wallets: Influencers, Minters, Traders, etc.(using Nansen for now);– Moreover, make it possible not to miss important updates on the monitored projects (New tweets, Smart mentions, new links, new Twitter description, etc.); – Also will be available on Telegram.

2.🔦 What do we Research?

📆 Alpha Reports (alpha.getmoni.io) – daily and weekly reports with new and early alpha projects. We are using the work of Big Brain Researchers with the help of unique bots, ML, and different sources to find new projects and handpick the most interesting, give opinions, and score. [from $399+ per month or FREE for Wizards]

👾 Discord Alpha

🖼 NFT-overview – promising Upcoming and Released NFT projects posted on our Discord for primary or secondary moves. 🐳 Deep Dive Reviews – Example👁 Onchain and Offchain Research

3.🎨 What do we do as creatives?

Just look at our visuals, vibe, artwork, and design overall, fren :)


We got three fundamental questions that we ask ourselves in terms of problems and what solutions we got:

  1. Where to find early alpha projects? Solution – Moni Discover Dashboard or Project feed on Moni Discord.

  2. How do you not miss important tracked project events and get the advantage? Solution – Users can create their watchlist of projects they’re interested in. Set up Notifications that will be sent straight to their Telegram or Discord.

  3. Okay, you find early projects and get all events notified, but how do you digest everything else? How do you know you need to contribute, invest, etc.? Solution – Community of smarts, alpha hunters, degens, and researchers benefiting each other, discussing ideas, trades, deals, and opportunities in Moni community Discord.

Moni Discover and Community solves all these problems and provides a personal experience for everyone because we all are interested in different segments of web3. That’s why we’re allowing creating personal watchlists, setting up alerts, and getting personalized Feed.

NFT and Mint details

Perks and Benefits for NFT holders

🔒 • Private channels and chats on Discord, Twitter Alpha Bots, Curated Lists of Smart Twitter accounts, and other tools;
🔮 • Full access to Moni Discover Platform;
🪬 • Alpha Reports, Deep Reviews, Upcoming and Listed NFTs, and other analytical stuff;
🤑 • Future Investment opportunities in pre-seed and seed rounds of projects within Moni Wizards. Leveraging our partners' and backers’ connection, we can bring the best projects to invest together;
☔️ • Participation in partnership mints, raffles, and giveaways;
🐳 • Community Calls and AMAs with web3 Smart guys;
👾 • Early access to new features in the Moni Platform (e.g., On-chain and Off-chain stats and others in Roadmap);
🖼 • Future drop of Official {REDACTED} for free.


Total Supply: 200 NFTs 1st phase supply: 50 NFTs 1st phase Mint Date: 23th of November, 6 pm UTC Twitter, Discord 1st phase Mint Price: 1 ETH

**How to get WL? **Join Moni Discord, be active and valuable, contribute, and submit the form. We will contact everyone we choose personally.

We don’t want free riders; that’s why we carefully allocate WLs only to web3 OGs.

What’s coming next?

  1. – Release of the Moni Discover Main List and Projects Details Page; – Release of the Moni Discover Watchlist; – Release of Moni Discover Feed; – Release of the Moni Discover Notifications and Alerts; – Increasing the coverage of Twitter Smart accounts and list of Smart wallets (including VCs, Analysts, Founders, Devs, Influencers, Artists, Traders, and Alpha Hunters).

  2. Setting up a Collab. Department, so our holders will get more and more WLs and other deals from legit projects.

  3. Manually drawn 1/1 artwork from our artist for every long-term holder(>45 days).

  4. Github alpha tracking

  5. Investment hub – a place where new projects can pitch to our holders. Holders will be able to invest via a syndicate.

  6. Expanding the team (Analysts, Vibe Officer and CM)

  7. {REDACTED} Collection, that holders will be able to claim for free

  8. Continuously delivering new tools and products to Outplay the Market.

We’re here to build with you and for you, Wizard 🧙 We’re building this collection with community-first and under promise – over deliver principles.

Disclaimer:Dyor before you leap into the Wizards' circle. We are wanted by Gem police agents. Government Rekt Authorities accuse Wizards of frontrunning the market, but it is just alpha...

Join Moni (🧙‍♂️,👾)

Discord: https://discord.gg/getmoni Twitter: https://twitter.com/getmoni_io Website: https://getmoni.io/wizards ”Wanna become Wizard” Form: link

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