GCA DAO the Co-Founder of the First Edition of Crypto Art Exhibition in 59# La Biennale Venice

The time of the Chimeras, founded by GCA DAO, will take place in Cameroon Pavilion during the 59th La Biennale Venice from April 20 to Nov. 19, 2022.

La Biennale Venice, known as the most important events worldwide, started from 1895 and last over 127 years till now, leading the whole art history from the peak of modern and the beginning of contemporary art by its strictly selecting mechanism together with open and diversified natural decentralized management system. www.labiennale.org

Millions of artists, collectors, curators, scholars, art fans and all kinds of art professionals come to Venice every 2 years either to show their newly created art as best as they can make or choose, and/or to make a general survey about what is happening in the art world.

To participate in the crypto art exhibition in Venice Biennale will be a historical milestone for any kind of individuals and institutions in the blockchain and crypto art world.

The Time of Chimeras is an exhibition of digital, crypto and NFT art, and Metaverse creativities that is open for the whole crypto art world as well as artistic professionals and art fans of the physical world.

This exhibition was founded by Global Crypto Art (GCA) DAO that created by artists, collectors, curators, art professionals and experts and blockchain - NFT investors. The governing mechanism will start from a multisig safe and a voting platform to make sure everything will be open, transparency, diversify and fair play.

GCA Council (GCAC) , a decentralized, diversified and transparent organization from different countries and fields, including artists, critics, blockchain investors, crypto art collectors, and more, is voting to select what they consider to be the best artists and works for the exhibition.

With the official approval from the Committee of Venice Biennale and Cameroon Pavilion, GCA will have better presents and wider influence in the world than a pure decentralized method that will attract attention of people who are now inside and outside of the crypto world.

General information of the CrypThe Time of Chimeras  in Venice Biennale


Main Exhibition of 59# Edition of La Biennale Venice

Curator: Cecilia Alemani

Location: Giadini, Archenarli and outside National Pavilion and Parallel Projects

Duration: April 19th, 2022 - November 19, 2022, 7 months

Opening and VIP Preview: April 19th - April 22th, 2022

Opening for the Public: April 23, 2022

Website: https://www.labiennale.org/en/art/2022

The Milk of Dreams is the title of the 59th La Biennale Art di Venezia.

Crypto Art Exhibition The Time of the Chimeras in Venice Biennale

Curator: Sandro Orlandi Stag

Location: Cella Bernardo, Venice, Italy (Special project of Cameroon Pavillion)

Duration: April 19th, 2022 - November 19, 2022, 7 months

Opening: TBD by Venice Committee among April 19th - April 22th, 2022

Opening to the Public: April 23, 2022

The theme of the exhibition will be The Time of The Chimeras

"The milk of dreams", which takes its cue from Eleonora Carrington's book, in which the writer describes a magical world where life is continually reinvented through the imagination, indicates, for the curator of the Biennale Cecilia Alemani, three thematic areas: the representation of bodies and their metamorphoses, the relationship between individuals and technologies and the links that intertwine between bodies and the Earth.

For the crypto exhibition in Cameroon Pavilion, the curator Sandro Orlandi Stagl, to stay in line with the general themes, intended to give value to one of the most significant aspects of artistic creation: the imagination.

The imagination has always been the basis of the myth. So the title "The Time of Chimeras" brings back the mythological animal symbol of illusions, risky fantasies, unrealizable dreams and dystopian visions. In space and over time.

Chasing a Chimera seems crazy but it is the only way to make your impossible dreams come true and artists have the power to challenge this madness and make us dream.

GCA Council - The Nominating and Voting Mechanism of Exhibited Artists

There will be up to 27 artists from all around the world showing their crypto creativities chosen by 15 GCA Councilors in this exhibition. The GCA Council has been gathered by artists, curators, art scholars, NFT collectors and early blockchain investors from Europe, North and South America, Australia, China and Middle East.

Free Registration for Artists in Crypto World

All artists who have a sound record in crypto art platforms can register and upload their works as candidates. Councillors can also nominate from the free registered artists. 50 of them will be invited as VIP of La Biennale and GCA Exhibition.


Sponsors including projects, platforms, service providers from blockchain world will be welcome to work together with this exhibition. There will be 2 levels, partners and sponsors based on the amount of the sponsorship. As a basic return of the sponsorship, their names will  be presented in the main catalog of Venice Biennale as well as this exhibition.

For further incentive and joint-contribution, conferences, parties, showcases, workshops and seminars will be held by the Council of GCA, partners and sponsors during the opening in April 2022 and the exhibition period of the 7 months till November 2022.

VIP by Donation

GCA will have a series of NFT published for individuals who would like to participate in this event by donating cryptocurrency. There will be only up to 118 holders of the Founding NFT with a price of 2Eth will get VVIP tickets to the Venice Biennale main exhibition as well as the crypto art Exhibition. Cocktail party, opening dinner, sub-events and catalogs and many further benefits will be included in return.

EXhibited Art NFTs Sales

Artists who participate in the exhibition will have to donate at least one NFT and put on a 3rd party platform for sale.

Other NFTs of the artists can also mint in the 3rd party platform through the special authority of GCA and a percentage should be donated back to the GCA.

All sales revenues from the above sales will go to a mauti-management safe and pay back to the early investors, GCA councilors and working team.

The rest of the revenue will go to a fund for sustainable development.

Sustainable Development

Once the GCA Exhibition could be held successfully, a model of sustainable development will be raised as a topic within the GCA community.


www.artantide.com www.being3.com

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