Crypto Kindness and Credentials - Wage's Week In Web3

After a brutal few weeks in crypto, I wanted to share a story of kindness that helps build and continue my faith in humanity even as we explore, build and dive deeper into these more decentralized ways of working.

Becoming An L1 Contributor

In July of 2022, I was still cutting my teeth in Bankless DAO and trying to understand the ropes and find my place. As part of my learning, I was reading the Season 5 spec, still on a Guest Pass, and wanted to understand the language in the spec around the difference between Guest Pass and L1.

Was it time for me to buy some BANK and become an L1?

I connected with Rowan, who was championing the Season 5 spec and who I knew from earlier in the year working together in Sobol on the Contributor Team. So I reached out to him to further my learning and understanding.

In the first message response, without hesitation or an ask from me, Rowan offered to lend me the 27K BANK I was currently short of becoming an L1.

This was one of the most blindly kind things that have ever been done for me.

Rowan did not know me other than the few exchanges we had had and owed me nothing. Yet he was willing to extend himself and his BANK to further my involvement and engage me further into bDAO.

I couldn’t thank Rowan enough, and he left me with this.

"I believe in making this space what I want it to be. I've had others help me out in similar ways, and I think it's important to pay it forward. I'm sure you'll have plenty of opportunities to help others in the future.”

Wage Pays His Debts

Fast forward four months, and it felt amazing to pay Rowan back this past week.

In Season 5, I was the Talent Work Stream Lead, and in Season 6, I was elected the PM Guild Coordinator. Without people like Rowan in this space encouraging and shaping the community this way, I’m certain I would not be where I am today.

Rowan, thank you for keeping my faith that there are great human beings out there, and I promise to pay it forward in the way you helped me when the opportunity presents itself.

Proud Of My Credentials

In the Season 6 Community Call, Bankless DAO released Otterspace badges to build out our on-chain resumes and signal our participation in the DAO.

I’ve been lucky to have incredible mentors and role models around me, and I owe these accomplishments to you.

Having An Impact

You never know the impact you are having on people around you, and I attempt to walk my walk at all times and lead with my values.

As I was completing this Week In Review, I got this incredible message from Ella Dane:

“Hey GCal - It’s Ella Dane from the BanklessDAO Ops Department. I just wanted to let you know that in the November Coordinape survey, multiple peers recognized you as the person who has had the largest positive impact on them within bDAO. Now that's a compliment right there. Nice work fren!! Whoop whoop!!”

This kind of feedback lets me know that I’m actively carrying Rowan’s torch. I continue to pay it forward by helping other members move through the contributor tiers and become more engaged in bDAO, just like others helped me.

I hope to work with all guild members and help answer any questions they may have about the PM guild or their experience working within. I want to let them know that they are seen and to help them find their niche and their place in Bankless DAO and enable them to contribute in meaningful ways.

Nothing could mean more to me than this kind of feedback and thank you to anyone who contributed in this way.

I promise you to keep these vibes rolling.

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