Presenting raf's derivative NFT to all of our holders
November 11th, 2021

First of all

We're so happy to tell you that we're giving out NFTs of raf's derivative work! This NFT is for all of you who have a Generativemasks! To talk more about this, please take a look at the cautions and details listed down below and we're gonna explain how to mint on this page!

By the way, we name this NFT "Generativemasks Girl"!

The motivation

Before we go into the details and stuff, we really want you to know why we decided to do this. So please let take a bit of time and share the background and motivation towards this. One of the core feelings that we have is that we want more people to know about "Creative Coding", and we want them to find Generative Art interesting and have fun with it.

So with that being said, it is meaningful for us to give you this raf's derivative work as an NFT and to keep running derivative art contests. This is because we feel that we really want Generativemasks to be more than just a work of art. We want it to be a playground for many creative coders and creators to enjoy together.

In this sense, all the code of Generativemasks is open to the public, and that's why we have chosen a license that allows people to use it for non-commercial purposes.

We hope that we grow together with you as a unique NFT project in the world.

The Beauty of "Generativemasks Girl"

First of all, please take a close look at the design of the girl's hair and see if you can find the Generativemasks there. And as you can see, the very fresh look of the girl, the Generativemasks design and the beautiful background color make it look stunning. The design pattern and color change every time you reload the page, just like the Generativemasks. And in addition to that, as shown in the video down below, if you move the mouse cursor while dragging, you'll be able to see how the layer structure of the work looks like. We believe that it's something you can find interesting and enjoy!

So, we definitely think that we want you to get your own Generativemasks Girl NFT! And if you could set the image of the NFT as your Twitter profile, that would be amazing!

Let's have fun and enjoy the culture of derivative art together!

How to mint?

About Generativemasks Girl

  • Generativemasks Girl is a new 10,000 piece of NFT created by raf who is the winner of the Generativemasks derivative art contest.
  • Generativemasks Girl can be claimed for each NFT of the Generativemasks. (= If you have 5 Generativemasks, you can get 5 Generativemasks Girl!)
  • To get the Generativemasks Girl, you just need to claim it on Ethereum. Please just note that the gas fee will be charged for minting.
  • There is no such deadline for the NFT claim, so you can claim it at any time you want.

Requirements for minting

  • Must have at least one Generativemasks.( You can claim the corresponding Generativemasks Girl for each Generativemasks based on the mask number)
  • Must have ETH in your wallet.(For the gas fee)

Notes and Cautions

How to claim the Generativemasks Girl

1 Go to the Etherscan contract page of Generativemasks Girl.

2 Open the "Contract" → "Write contract" tab of the "Contract".

3 Click the "Connect to Web3" and connect your wallet using a browser extension such as Metamask.

4 Go click the mintWithGMsMaskNumber and type 0 in there. And then, you just need to put the mask number that you own in the maskNumber input form. (Make sure that you type your mask number correctly.)

If you have multiple Generativemasks, you can claim all the Generativemasks Girl that you deserve to have in "one attempt".

To do that, instead of clicking the mintWithGMsMaskNumber, you'll need to click the multiMintWithGMsMaskNumbers and put 0 in there. Then, type your mask numbers in the maskNumber. The format to enter the multiple mask numbers is [1,100,200,...](Make sure that you type your mask numbers correctly with the square brackets this time!)

5 After entering the Generativemasks number in the form, you can click the "Write" button to display the confirmation page for the transfer transaction. If there is no problem, the wallet will confirm and the transaction will happen.

6 Then, if the transaction is successfully done, you will see that you have your Generativemasks Girl on OpenSea!





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