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On November 18th, we've opened up a new gallery called "MetaTokyo", a global cultural city in the metaverse world. Here, Generativemasks is just not only displayed but decorated all over the walls and pillars of the building as you can see.

We, Generativemasks, are seeing the potentials of using the metaverse as a way to enjoy Generative art and creative coding. And this event has been a great first step for us as we stated in Block 2 of our roadmap.


What is "MetaTokyo"?

MetaTokyo is a popup museum built on the virtual reality service called Decentraland where you can go play with just one computer and the browser. It's a place where you can meet your friends and of course, you can make new friends out there. You can also talk and chat with the people in the gallery, so there are so many potentials and things that you can do with the metaverse world. We hope that we can keep providing such a place and we really believe that we can do it.

The Decentraland Address Link:

We really want you to check our gallery anyway! You don't have to have a headset device or anything for it. All you need is just a Metamask account. (Even you don't have a Metamask account, you can still see the gallery as a guest!)

Our Progress of the Metaverse

In October this year, we've welcomed one of the best VR creators "MISOSHITA (https://twitter.com/Misositaworks)" to our team to show our determination to take on a new challenge to the metaverse. In less than a week after he joined us, he built a Generativemasks space on a VR platform called Cluster as you can see all the spaces and the objects generatively changing. Check the two clips down below!

In November, MISOSHITA san announced that he started working on building a gallery for the MetaTokyo project. Then, we Generativemasks team decided to ask for some Generativemasks from the community members for displaying them in our metaverse gallery.

This might look like a small thing but means a lot to us. It's because Generativemasks is not just a project that only we, the team members, are working on and just showing what we've done. That's still good, but we're committed to this project being a collaborative effort between the team and our community members. So, "Working together with the community" has been one of the most important things that we care about since we launched, and it'll never change. And we'll keep doing it to provide the best interesting experiences for the community.

After the release of MetaTokyo on November 18th, a lot of people came to visit and took photos, and posted them on their social media. Japan's largest national broadcasting corporation called "NHK" picked up this story and featured us. Thank you so much for it.

By the way, there is a little interesting trick happening in the gallery when you step on the 4 Generativemasks on the main first floor! You can also find some pillars that are beautifully designed on the same floor. They will fascinate you, so please check them out!

There are actually two other Generative art projects in the gallery upstairs, "Sushipico" and "function draw()". We hope you'll get excited about the future of Generativemasks and the Generative art scene in Japan after visiting our gallery.

Sushipico Webpage:

function draw() Opensea Collection:

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