Artistic Experiments in the Age of Hyper-Technological Reproduction

We, Generativemasks, have been exhibited in one of the best art galleries called “GYRE” which is located in Shibuya Tokyo, and the exhibition opens from March 24th through May 21st. Let me do a quick explanation on what this exhibition is all about and why this is something special.

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GYRE Gallery(Tokyo)
GYRE Gallery(Tokyo)

The theme of the exhibition is “Artistic Experiments in the Age of Hyper-Technological Reproduction What will NFTs change about art?-”, and it focuses on only art experiments using NFTs, which is the reason why Takawo got called by the curator of the gallery to join as the Generativemasks collection is seen as one of the best NFT art collections in Japan and worldwide.

Here is the lineup of the exhibition.

  • Damien Hirst

  • Rafaël Rozendaal

  • Lu Yang

  • Robert Alice

  • Rhea Myers

  • TeamLab

  • Sol LeWitt

  • Seth Siegelaub

  • Mariko Mori

  • Masaki Fujihata

  • Taihei Shii

  • Tetsutaro Kamatani

This is the very first exhibition in Japan that curates such a significant piece of works in NFT art, and we’re very honored to be part of the exhibition with the great artists.

Another thing is that this exhibition is organized in three sections, “Ownership”, “Aura of Simulacra” and “Supranational Power”. Each of these sections corresponds to the artistic terms of "contract" "creation" and "exhibition" and introduces NFT artworks produced in the last 10 years since 2014 as a logical consequence of 20th century art history and conceptual art in particular.

GYRE website
GYRE website

Exhibit Details of Generativemasks

For us Generativemasks, instead of displaying the art with some monitors, we create 3D prints and 2.5D (dimensional) semi 3D prints. The original is the "code" and we wanted to try to present the possibility of generative art that can change and evolve from the original in each medium.

Wood Printed Generativemasks(2.5D)

The size of the print is 450mm x 450mm, and it is made with UV printing on linden plywood. In creating this print, Takawo created the grayscale data for the thickness separately from the image data of Generativemasks. It is not simply converting an image to black and white, but rather converting the order of overlapping shapes into colors. Again, we are trying to create something that can be generated only by code! Gen art is awesome!

3D Printed Generativemasks

Another thing that we’re displaying is 3D printed Generativemasks. We know that lots of our holders get excited about this since the launch of the project, and this is the main thing that we’ve been working on for years. We had prototypes displayed at other exhibitions that we had before but we’re finally here to tell you it’s ready to go. You can see more details of this 3D printed Generativemasks on Discord with another page so Don’t forget to check that out!

At GYRE Gallery
At GYRE Gallery


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