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SHILLD - a scalable telegram bot VPN solution with a mass adoption franchise model


This litepaper introduces SHILLD, an innovative approach to VPN services designed to cater to emerging market demands. SHILLD's custom-built BotSDK and Server technology provide a "Next Level" experience at half the cost of any competition, addressing the limitations and inefficiencies commonly associated with existing VPN solutions. By offering seamless in-app purchases, optimized server distribution, and advanced features powered by the crypto utility token, SHILLD aims to reshape the VPN landscape for underserved markets.

Introduction: The SHILLD solution is poised to redefine the VPN industry by offering a unique blend of cutting-edge technology and affordability. In this litepaper, we delve into the challenges posed by existing VPN services, the core issues they present, and how SHILLD’s innovative approach seeks to overcome these hurdles.

Problem Statement: A significant portion of the global VPN market faces challenges related to restricted in-app purchases, subpar free VPN performance, and the prohibitive costs of subscription-based services. Additionally, the lack of customization to individual countries' needs and regulations limits the effectiveness of many VPN providers.

SHILLD Solution: SHILLD Solution presents a comprehensive set of innovations that address the shortcomings of current VPN offerings:


SHILLD VPN Solution is a custom-made BotSDK and server technology

The following challenges exist within the current VPN landscape:

  • Blocked In-App Purchases: In-app purchases are frequently obstructed, inhibiting user convenience and accessibility.

  • Inefficient Free VPNs: Free VPN platforms suffer from inefficiency and slowness, as they operate on outdated architectures hosted by a limited number of servers.

  • Costly Subscription VPNs: Subscription-based VPN services are expensive for emerging markets, hindered by outdated technological infrastructures.

  • Generic VPNs Unsuitable for Jurisdictions: Existing VPNs aim for a global reach, but fail to adapt to specific country requirements and regulations. Our focus is on emerging and underserved markets, where we intend to adhere to individual jurisdictional guidelines.

  • Bottlenecks in Server Speeds: Standard server solutions in hosting companies typically utilize 100 Mbps for over 500 users, causing speed bottlenecks due to limited internet channel capacity.

SHILLD VPN Solution addresses these issues through a range of innovative measures:

  • Seamless and Robust BOT Payment System: We offer a fully integrated BOT payment system that seamlessly supports debit cards and digital assets, simplifying the subscription process.

  • Proprietary IP with Balancer: Our proprietary IP incorporates a balancer that intelligently detects multiple servers for users, eliminating the need for manual switching.

  • Enhanced Speed and Efficiency: Our system not only boasts superior speed but also comes at half the cost of traditional subscription-based VPNs.

  • Tailored VPNs for Specific Jurisdictions: Rather than pursuing a one-size-fits-all approach, we tailor our VPNs to the unique needs and regulations of each country, with a particular focus on emerging and underserved markets.

  • Flexible DNS System for Agility: Our DNS system ensures flexibility and agility, enabling us and our customers to adapt to unforeseen circumstances, as seen in the context of India.

  • Automated OS Detection for User-Friendly Adoption: Our innovative VPN solution automatically detects the user's operating system, streamlining the download process and accelerating user adoption.

  • Continuous 24/7 Support for Reduced App Switching: Our round-the-clock support eliminates the need for users to switch between banking apps, conserving power and enhancing user experience.

  • Seamless Payment System: Our proprietary telegram BOT payment system supports both, fiat and digital assets, simplifying the subscription process. SHILLD’s native crypto token offers subscription discounts and various utility for token holders and ecosystem users.


SHILLD VPN’s revenue model includes service subscriptions generated in both, fiat and crypto, a percentage of transaction fees, as well as a 1% tax fee from the native token’s trading volumes. These sustainable income streams support ongoing development and enhancements.

  • Financial Projections: The projected financial growth of SHILLD VPN Solution showcases its potential impact based on the current revenue model:

    2023: Anticipated revenue of $800,000 USD,

    2024: Projected revenue of $3 million USD


  • Global Technology Marketing: Engaging in widespread marketing campaigns, including utilizing ad-tech and targeting to attract a diverse customer base to the product use. Additionally, driving awareness through partners as well as promotion of the platform’s native token to promote it’s utility within the ecosystem.

  • Influencer Partnerships: Collaborating with high-profile bot partners, influencers, athletes, musicians, and any other high social media following entities to amplify SHILLD VPN's reach and impact


SHILLD’s true zero-inflation, supply reduction-based utility model drive its VPN solution and the mass scaling marketing model. Tailored to empower token holders, the utility framework fosters engagement and rewards loyalty. The SHILLD ecosystem encompasses subscription benefits, loyalty programs, referral incentives, and revenue-sharing mechanisms, all contributing to a holistic and sustainable user experience. Tokenomics outline the allocation and distribution of $SHILLD tokens, ensuring transparency and alignment with community interests.

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The SHILLD VPN Solution sets a new standard in the VPN industry by combining advanced technology, cost-effectiveness, and tailored services. Through strategic innovation, SHILLD VPN aims to empower emerging markets and reshape the VPN landscape for the better.

Incorporation: SHILLD VPN Solution is incorporated in the Bahamas, providing a favorable regulatory environment to support its mission.

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