This article dives into our current partners, traction and revenue model

TRACTION: Our current traciton is 13k+ paying users and 90k+ broadcastable telegram bot users who subscribed but have not yet activated the service.

REVENUES: SHILLD current monthly revenues are:

~$30,000 gross from 10 partner bots in operation


The revenue distribution for operating a branded Telegram VPN bot is as follows:

  • 35% goes to the partner (minimum 250 paying subscribers), 40% based on KPIs (steady audience of 1k+ paying subscribers). Bots operating on sub 250 paying subscribers receive 30% and get deactivated if unable to grow audience beyond 100 subscribers within a 2 month trial period.

  • 5% goes to referrals

  • 3% goes to $SHILLD token holders as revenue share in ETH

  • 2% goes towards buying out $SHILLD tokens from the market and burning them (deflationary model)

  • 50% goes to SHILLD.

SHILLD's 50% portion of the revenue breakdown is as follows:

30% goes to the hosting company, server maintenance, developers, and operations.

3.5% fees are applied if the customer pays in fiat.

0.5% fees are applied if the customer pays with crypto.

6% goes towards LLC Company Tax.

10% is allocated for company profit.

PARTNER EXAMPLE: Hasbullah (9 million+ followers)

GET TO KNOW: A tweet diving into the rest of our current partners and their traction:

BECOME A PARTNER: If you are interested in becoming a partner or have someone you can refer, you can earn additional passive or referral income from all VPN paid activations.

To become a partner or to refer one, click here:

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