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A Step-by-Step Guide

Curious about using SHILLD VPN to enhance your online experience? We've got you covered! Follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. 24/7 Support for Your Queries: Got questions? We've got answers! Our 24/7 support ensures you're never left in the dark. Whether it's about installation, usage, or troubleshooting, we're here to help.

  2. Effortless App and Social Network Speeds: Experience the internet at its best! SHILLD VPN ensures your apps and social networks run smoothly with top-notch speeds, eliminating lag and frustration.

  3. No More Disconnecting for Banking Apps: Tired of disconnecting and reconnecting when using banking applications? With SHILLD VPN, bid farewell to this hassle. Stay connected to both your VPN and banking apps without interruption.

  4. Minimal Power Consumption Worries: Worried about your device's battery life? No need! SHILLD VPN is designed to optimize power consumption, so you can browse worry-free.

  5. Setting Up SHILLD VPN: Ready to dive in? Follow these steps:

INTRODUCTION: Imagine being as connected as the famous 9-million-strong influencer, Hasbulla, who's even signed up with UFC (Ultimate Fight Championship). Experience the same connectivity with SHILLD VPN.

Being one of our 9 partner examples, Hasbullah has his own branded bot simply named Hasbullah VPN, which sits under the SHILLD franchising umbrella: To begin your journey, visit the SHILLD VPN Bot at Here, you'll find all the assistance you need to enjoy a seamless VPN experience.

🔸Download the Outline App: Start by downloading the Outline app in the app store on your mobile phone. Both, Apple and Android are supported. Find the download button in the Telegram Bot chat.

🔸Installing the Application: Once downloaded, install the Outline app on your device.

🔸Connecting via the Bot: Return to the SHILLD VPN Bot and hit the "Connect" button. This button will appear after you've activated your subscription.

🔸Subscription and Help: For all subscription details, head to the "Profile" section. Need further assistance? Just type "/help" in the chat or use the dedicated button for guidance.


The SHILLD VPN Solution harnesses a custom-made BotSDK and server technology to address prevalent limitations and challenges seen in conventional VPN services. Unlike the majority of VPN solutions available, SHILLD offers a comprehensive approach that addresses various issues, ensuring smooth and efficient VPN experiences. Here's an in-depth look at how SHILLD VPN Solution operates:

🔸In-App Purchases:

Challenge: Many countries restrict payments within app stores, impeding VPN access.

Solution: SHILLD integrates a Bot Payments system, facilitating debit card and cryptocurrency payments, effectively bypassing in-app purchase hurdles.

🔸FreeVPN Limitations:

Challenge: Free VPNs compromise data security or offer sluggish speeds due to overcrowded servers.

Solution: SHILLD employs a proprietary balancer to detect server connections and automatically shift users to less congested servers, guaranteeing consistent and optimal speeds.

🔸Affordable Paid VPNs:

Challenge: Paid VPNs can be expensive, particularly in specific countries.

Solution: SHILLD optimizes server-side operations, drastically reducing costs without sacrificing quality. This affordability resonates with customers, especially in regions like India, Iran, China and Russia.

🔸Overcoming Limited Access:

Challenge: VPNs often struggle to provide unrestricted access to local banking systems and government websites.

Solution: SHILLD employs a DNS filter system, granting unrestricted access to local services. For instance, in Russia, the system seamlessly interacts with banking systems and navigation, eliminating the need for manual on/off toggling.

🔸Unified Access for All Devices:

Challenge: Some VPNs cater solely to mobile devices, leaving desktop users with incompatible applications.

Solution: SHILLD ensures a cohesive experience by offering a uniform setup process for both mobile and desktop users. A simple button within our Bot detects the user's operating system and downloads the appropriate app.

🔸Enhancing Speed and Performance:

Challenge: Sluggish speeds due to server limitations negatively affect user experiences.

Solution: SHILLD employs high-speed servers with custom optimization using Rust programming and customized MTU configurations, resulting in a seamless and lag-free experience.

🔸Overcoming Social Network Blocks:

Challenge: Multiple connections from a single IP address can lead to automatic social network account blocks.

Solution: SHILLD addresses this by reverse engineering Instagram API and understanding the limitations of popular social networks. The system switches IPs within these boundaries, ensuring uninterrupted user access.

🔸Defeating Deep Packet Inspection (DPI):

Challenge: Governments and ISPs employ DPI to block VPNs by scanning network traffic.

Solution: SHILLD circumvents DPI using an innovative approach that sidesteps DPI tags, keeping the VPN undetected and enabling users to access the internet unrestricted.

By incorporating these groundbreaking solutions, the SHILLD VPN Solution is purpose-built to deliver unparalleled VPN experiences, providing users worldwide with speed, security, and accessibility.

Note: This document offers an overview of how the SHILLD VPN Solution effectively addresses common VPN challenges. Further exploration of each solution is recommended for a comprehensive understanding.

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