Introducing Gift3

The magical way to gift NFTs to friends and family

Have you ever tried to give an NFT as a gift to someone in a normal social setting? Especially someone who isn’t a hardcore crypto user?

If you have, we don’t have to tell you — The experience SUCKS.

It’s pretty much like this:

  • There’s nothing to “give” them - no pomp and circumstance around the gift

  • They already have to have an Ethereum wallet, which they probably don’t

  • If by some miracle they already have a wallet, you have to GET the address from them before you even send them anything. Which is a little awkward in itself. Why don’t you just ask for the balance of their chequing account while you’re at it?

  • If they don’t have a wallet, you pull them away from their birthday party or wedding or whatever and walk them through downloading software and laboriously writing down a seed phrase at their dining room table.

  • Congratulations! Now they own an NFT. And they also hate you and hate crypto. Juuuust kidding. Unless…?

We had to fix this.

Enter Gift3

Today, Gift3 is removing all that social and technical friction from the process. Gift3 lets you easily and magically gift an NFT to anyone with an email address.

Gift3 works:

  • in-person or from afar

  • on desktop or mobile

  • with any Ethereum wallet

How it works

  • Visit on mobile or desktop

  • Connect the wallet of your choice

  • Choose the NFT you’d like to send

  • Enter the recipient’s name, email address, and an optional gift message (this metadata is stored privately off-chain)

  • Execute two transactions:

  • Approve NFT

  • and Send Gift which includes a small platform fee and the gas for their transactionless claim

Please hold
Please hold

Once your Send Gift transaction completes, the NFT will have been transferred from your wallet to the Gift3 smart contract.

And then…

The absolute childlike delight of getting an NFT via Gift3
The absolute childlike delight of getting an NFT via Gift3


  • They get an email notifying them of their gift

  • They click the button in the email to claim

  • They immediately see their new NFT showcased front and center in high resolution

  • They can see the traits and read the NFT’s description

  • Confetti! Wooooo! 🎉

  • They’re prompted to claim their NFT

  • If they have a wallet:

    • they can connect it and claim their NFT right away
You know this button
You know this button
  • If they don’t have a wallet:

    • the claim page helps them get one super quick. They can do this immediately or at their leisure.

    • right now on iOS we’re driving people to Rainbow for a mobile wallet, which works great with Gift3 - with just a few taps, they can download it and set it up.

  • Once their wallet is connected, they can claim their gift by clicking 1 button, in a magical, invisible, gasless transaction

Animeta with cool shirt
Animeta with cool shirt

OK, cool, they have the NFT. Now what?

Now they have the option to go deeper. Once they successfully claim their gift, we show them marketplace and community links like the NFT project’s Twitter and Discord which let them learn more about their NFT and the people, art and technology involved in the project. Maybe even get involved…

Join us...
Join us...

Did someone say ONBOARDING??

Fam. We are estimating that by just using this casually, we will onboard upwards of a gazillion people (or more) to Web3 and crypto this year. We are going to gift so many NFTs…

NICE. How do I use it?

Gift3 is currently live on Ethereum mainnet. Try it now at and follow us on Twitter at @tryGift3 and Instagram @trygift3.

What’s next for Gift3?

Right now we’re just excited to get it in people’s hands, and use that experience to tighten up the flow, add features, and make sure it scales. There’s a whole list of stuff we know we want to do next. We’ve made the flow as user-friendly as possible over the past 3 months during development but we can’t wait to keep tweaking.

Stay tuned for a more technical post about Gift3, how it works from that perspective, and how it was built.

Please submit feedback and bug reports at the link in the footer of We want to know what you think and how we can make the product better.

Thanks for reading!

Smart contract addresses

Gift3 (Ethereum mainnet): 0x82a69fcf960299dda3d6b1deb5d7ecd42b0782a0

                      @@@                   ###/    ####
                      @@@    @@@@@@&  @@@@       #######.
         @@@@,  @@@   @@@  @@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@          ####
       @@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@ @@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@  ###     ####
      @@@@#    @@@@@ @@@@@   @@@@     @@@@    ##########*
      @@@@@    @@@@@ @@@@@   @@@@     @@@@
       @@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@   @@@@     @@@@@@
               @@@@@  @@@    @@@       @@@@@

Gift3 is in beta. The contract is verified on Etherscan and has been reviewed by multiple parties, but is not yet formally audited. Please consider this while using the product.

Gift3 is built by Scott Burke (@scottburke777 on Twitter)

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