The Weekly Posture | Feb 20th - Feb 27th
February 28th, 2022

Stay in the action. A quick debrief across the latest news, actions, events and happenings in web3 modeling, the open metaverse and beyond. Curated and published by the Global Models Syndicate and DIGITALAX.

Posture through the looks below to get all caught up on the culture from Feb 20th - Feb 27th 2022.

Top Moments

Recognising What’s Happening in Ukraine

With millions currently at risk from Putin’s assault on Ukraine, and many of us checking for updates everywhere we can, it is important to recognise that one of our own member’s of the Global Models Syndicate, Emanon, is designed and brought to life by Alyona Briukhanova, who is currently on the ground in Ukraine and experiencing all of the conflict live. It can be incredibly frustrating wanting to make a difference and not knowing how. We all know that words are not enough. For those who want to support directly, UkraineDAO is a good place to start.

Launch of Runway Marketplace

It’s only been 1 week since the launch of the Runway NFT marketplace— a massive milestone for the initiation of web3 modeling and bringing this industry into the open metaverse. You can view all collections live on the marketplace now!

Minting to the Marketplace

In case you missed it, all models within the GMS can now continue to upload more of their latest looks through their profile! Check out the video below for a full tutorial:

Realm Runway #1: New York Fashion Week

The inaugural Realm Runway launch event during NYFW was just two weeks ago! It was an amazing experience for all involved and we can’t wait to launch the next one.. stay tuned as more updates are shared shortly and check out twitter and the GMS discord channels for all album highlights!

2/22/22 Locale Event Bushwick BK

Two members within the GMS, Aggy and Szn, held a local creative pop up on the 22nd of Feb. It was such a vibrant event with so many creatives across modeling, fashion, music and art coming together to celebrate each other and the local talent of the area.

At events like these, NFTs are really powerful mechanisms to open up a wide and novel diversity of new ways to form relationships between the people that are showing up IRL, new channels for engaging in sales, opportunities to collaborate between artists and industries, and, most importantly, ways to reduce friction and increase self sovereign flexibility in the exploration of interesting mediums.


The release of DIGIFIZZY Issue 10. Almost hard to believe that it’s been 10 full months since we released the first metaverse magazine. You can read the full February release here. For this month we are dedicating 100% of proceeds from Magazine Bundles to Ukraine DAO. Special GMS features of Aggy, Micah and Ricardo!

Models of the Realms | Digitals of Elsewhere

Inspired by Humans of New York, we are highlighting those that walk the boundary between the worlds of yesterday and tomorrow. This week’s collaboration NFT between a GMS digital and IRL model features Vihka and MØD3XX.

The NFT is live here on the runway marketplace! It is entirely cc0.

Check Out the Best of this Week’s Indie Web3 Modeling NFTs

Key iW3Mi (indie Web3 Model index) Data

  • GMS Member Count:
    • 46
  • Active iWeb3 Model Governance Proposals:
    • 0
  • Open Source 1155 Avatar Mint Count:
    • 9
  • iWeb3 Model NFT Mint Count:
    • 337
  • iWeb3 Model LIVE for Sale Count:
    • 337

The Best of W3M Memes

We couldn’t call ourselves a truly authentic web3 crypto community if we didn’t round out with some in-house designed degen style memes 😂… Enjoy…..😂

Created by GMS Member Emma-Jane MacKinnon-Lee (
Created by GMS Member Emma-Jane MacKinnon-Lee (
Created by GMS Member Emma-Jane MacKinnon-Lee (
Created by GMS Member Emma-Jane MacKinnon-Lee (

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