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February 17th, 2022

More than ten days have passed since released its internal beta on February 2. To date, more than three hundred people are using it.

Thank you all!

POAP will have an important place in the world of the future. As this tweet says, it will be one of the first Ethereum projects that people see in the real world.

So there are lots and lots of possibilities around POAP, and we're still in the very early stages.

This product was born out of my own organizing needs. We attend various events every day to get proof of attendance. These POAPs, or bookmarks of life, are very important to everyone. I desire a comfortable, highly customizable way of viewing. Like sharing with family and friends, "Look! This is the tennis match I played in Decentraland! "

In the near future, the movies you have seen, the restaurants you have consumed, and the games you have played will all have matching POAPs. Colorful life journeys will all be bookmarked on the blockchain. want to turn your bookmarks into more exquisite collectibles, you deserve these.

The most initial features have been completed and it is a barely usable version. In order to make it more accessible to more users, we have decided to release the official version on February 22nd, and you can search for it directly in the app store then.

Here's a summary of the little features done so far. Hope you like it.





There are two types of charts, which are presented by growth and by month, it can be toggled by tapping. Those "future" POAPs have been excluded from the chart for the time being, because a few of them would greatly affect the browsing effect.

On the left side you can see the total number of POAPs and the total number of events. Sometimes we may accidentally have more than one POAP in the same event, and the difference can be seen here.

View options

View options
View options

The settings here are clear at a glance, so without further introduction, please see the pictures for comparison.

Different view options
Different view options

The square shape allows us to see information beyond the circle of the picture, but the circle is more elegant.

The list layout allows you to see the title and description of POAPs, but a screen shows much less of them.

The timeline layout can be specific to each day.

Which one you choose is up to you, and we will give as many options as possible.


You can long press any POAP on the home page to enter edit mode. Then start adding tags to them. The POAP details page displays the tags that have been added.


POAP can be filtered by tag on the home page, and a more beautiful dedicated page is under development.



Currently you can filter by title, description, country, and tags. The purpose of filtering is to make it easier to manage, so it is best to use it together with adding tags.

Offline Browsing

This is a feature that is not easy to spot. But when you get to a place where the network is bad and you want to review your POAP you will find that you can still enjoy it as usual.


There are already a lot of great ideas in the planning pipeline, so stay tuned. Feel free to discuss with us.

If you want to get a taste of it now, please use the following link.

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