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March 16th, 2022

Building 100 community-owned CPG brands with frens, by frens, for frens.

Part 1 of our Whitepaper with more to follow on DAO structure and tokenomics.

Who is gmgn?

gmgn supply co. is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) governed by a community of creators, builders and brand fanatics. Our members share a vision of leveraging the positives of web 3.0 to drive the next generation of beloved brands.

Our DAO is ambitious with plans to launch 100 CPG brands. Our members will have the tools they need to help us be successful, and they'll be rewarded for participating.

We believe we can out-relate, out-communicate and out-execute traditional Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies. With the breadth and resource of a hive mind, we can forge new business models and turn the kitchen tables on industry giants like P&G, Unilever and General Mills.

We will shape a better future for the entire supply chain and benefit everyone in the process.

Collectively, we will change the CPG world.

What We Believe

Behind every great brand is a rich story.

  • There is power in communicating how products are sourced.
  • Brands can be made stronger when an engaged community participates in the development.
  • There is always an opportunity to make products better for you and more sustainable.
  • Giving back to our customers, partners, and community builds a virtuous cycle of loyalty and support.

Our name encompasses our beliefs:

gmgn: is web3 speak for good morning & good night. It broadly represents the sense of unity among web3 natives, especially in the borderless and connected world we live in. A universal mantra of goodwill.

supply: is a functional term, but for us, it represents a dual message. It clearly says we are in the business of supplying consumable goods, and it harkens back to the pioneers of trade and artisan producers from street corners of a new world. It also represents the lifeblood of the web3 community, the supply of goodwill in the form of gmgn.

co. is traditionally viewed as ‘company’ in a brand name. But for us, it represents so much more. It extends to community, co-operative and counter-culture.

CPG is Broken

We’re not here to fix it; we’re here to re-invent it.

The largest Consumer Packaged Goods companies are no longer a fit for today’s evolved society.

These CPG giants have become profit-driven machines. Relentlessly expanding global businesses to generate shareholder returns at the expense of the people within the supply chain.

They put profitability ahead of the environment. They don’t care about their customers or employees. Their attempts at community-building and social good are often just marketing tactics. And, they’ve lost credibility and an authentic voice.

The old formula for success in CPG looks something like this;

  • Mass production at low cost
  • Heavy investment in advertising
  • Build strong brand equity, but from a distance
  • Leverage for preferential positioning with major retailers
  • Employ a large salesforce
  • Heavy investment into R&D

This checklist for success was a significant barrier to smaller players wanting to compete. Deep discounts and a race to the bottom were the norms while costs of goods continued to rise. The only way to survive was to take advantage of extreme cost savings at scale. Or, in the rare case, command a premium to hold a position. This resulted in mergers and acquisitions of smaller brands and private equity firms focused on shareholder value and short-term sales rather than long-term brand building.

The origins of branding were a way to communicate provenance and quality – a way to tell the human story behind it. What we got instead was a growing homogeneity of faceless brands with consumers gradually force-fed bland and soulless products.

Over the last 20 years, consumers have woken up to smell the ‘real’ coffee! With the rise of e-commerce and information at our fingertips, we saw a growing mistrust in what the big brands tell us.

These changes paved the way for a new breed of artisanal brand categories, such as craft beer and eco-friendly chocolates, to emerge. For the first time, large brands felt their bottom lines pinched! Larger CPGs responded with copycat sub-brands and ill-conceived go-to-market strategies that many saw as contrived efforts to remain relevant.

What if there was a business model that adopts the best of both worlds? What if we could build a collective of smart young ethical brands with founders who genuinely believe in their products while turning the tables on corporate business models and adopting bottom-up governance and growth. An ecosystem where the combined brain-trust accelerates innovation through the network effect of a well-coordinated hive mind.

This is where gmgn supply co. steps in and will change the game!

  • gmgn wants members to own the brands they use every day.
  • gmgn wants members to have a say in making and nurturing new brands.
  • gmgn wants members to help create the brand story and brand experience.
  • gmgn wants everyone to share in the success of these brands, including a share of the revenue.

All these are possible with a DAO.

A DAO promises a focus on community ownership, rather than just profit, on fairness and equality, rather than hierarchy, and provides a more socially-conscious and transparent structure with aligned incentives.

Let’s DAO It!

In a DAO, ownership rights, funding, and governance live on the blockchain.

By definition, DAOs are decentralized, meaning governance is not controlled by one person or entity. The rules and governance model are coded in smart contracts on the blockchain and cannot be changed unless voted on by the DAO’s members.

A key aspect of DAOs is transparency. Proposals are discussed, voted on and documented publicly. Additionally, the model provides supply chain and financial transparency, with all transactions recorded on the blockchain.

gmgn supply co. DAO members will be able to participate in and vote on decisions for;

  • Product Selection
  • Branding
  • Pricing
  • Marketing/Advertising
  • Product Development
  • Distribution
  • Causes/Charities

And the producers and purveyors we partner with as the foundation for our brands will have a like-minded set of ethics and sense of purpose, ensuring the entire gmgn supply co, ecosystem reflects our values.

Wrap Up

Our vision for gmgn supply co. will be achieved through the combined efforts of a community that joins our call to adventure.

A community that believes we can turn the tables on giant CPG companies by creating and marketing products that benefit everyone involved and help to make the world a better place.

A community that jointly participates in value creation through a circular economy.

A community with brands that support ESG goals from organizations like the UN World Food Program and other NGOs.

We invite the change-makers with all levels of experience and interest to join the gmgn community and help us lead the way in a transformative movement that celebrates the culture of web3.

Website: gmgnsupply.co
Twitter: twitter.com/gmgnsupplyco
Telegram: Join the Alpha Hive

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