To our volunteers: Why you should be an X2Y2 volunteer and the pros.
June 10th, 2022

Author: @lanxing4

Translator and editor: @Goldenchichi1

Original article: 致志愿者:为什么要积极地参与推广新NFT交易平台X2Y2,究竟能够获得什么样的好处

Why be an X2Y2 rebel to promote X2Y2?

1. The innovations of X2Y2 compared to Opensea

The bulk listing and bulk purchase functions of X2Y2

Traders used the external NFT tool such as GEM and genie to use functions of bulk listing or bulk purchase since they are not available on Opensea. Traders can save gas fees by these functions compared to buying NFTs one by one on Opensea and is free to use on X2Y2. Moreover, trading one by one on X2Y2 can save gas fees up to 5% - 10% with the optimization of our smart contract so that X2Y2 can save the cost of trading NFT on most occasions.

Safety comes first in X2Y2

Recently a Doddle worth 200E was stolen by phishing on Opensea, and similar scams often happen there. We are not strange to scams in the crypto market, but can the trend be changed? Rebellious is in X2Y2’s blood, and changing the market is what we are doing now. X2Y2 publicized the anti-phishing function the same day as the fraud was reported.

Saving trading fees

Trading fees are an inelastic cost, and traders need to pay for them whether the trades are in profit or not. Lowering the trading fees means more profit room for the traders, especially for the NFT collections low in floor price.

**While Opensea charges 2.5% trading fee, X2Y2 only charges 2% (0.5% now on June). If a 100E BAYC is traded on X2Y2, the trader can save more than 0.5E (2E in June) trading fee, which is worth $900 ($3600) at the current ETH price. Would you be happy if you could have a feast with your girls or a trip to Southeast Asia with this saved fee by simply using X2Y2? **

Sharing a broad vision with the community

Wall Street backs Opensea, and all the fees are shared with the small circle (You are giving up the feasts and the trips and giving them away to the capitalists instead when they are doing nothing but thinking about how to charge you more!). X2Y2, on the other hand, shares 100% fees with the community to show how “By the people, for the people” the platform is.

A hardworking team that is close to the community

TP, the founder of X2Y2, is easy-going. You can see him appears in AMA and answer the community’s question in person. The team successfully operated an NFT platform having 20M monthly revenue, working in a 9-9-7 schedule since X2Y2’s launch on 14 Feb, showing its will to make X2Y2 a top-tier platform.


People are impressed by Opensea’s unilateral delist of many NFTs due to USA’s sanction and realize how centralized it is. A centralized organization would not easily prohibit a country’s IP login. The reason behind Opensea’s delisting is highly bonded to Wall Street’s profit. X2Y2, on the other hand, would not prohibit an account so easily. Do you still feel safe to list or trade on Opensea if the country you are in is under sanction of USA?

High community bonding

I have participated in numerous projects (more than 50) and haven’t seen a single crypto project that could connect the community so well. Talents in the community become volunteers and use their strengths for a better X2y2. More than 20 articles have been issued spontaneously from our volunteers to date. The conversations in the DC are much more constructive than many other projects in the crypto market.

2. The potential of X2Y2

To understand the potential of X2Y2, one should first know how the NFT market will be in the e next 10 years. What is your forecast for the NFT market? Is the group of people trading NFT currently exceeding 1M? Let’s assume 3M. Imagine if the active NFT traders are 100X a decade later with an average volume of $10K. That will be a 3-trillion market.

If X2Y2 shares 10% of the market, then it equals $300B trading volume. Taking 0.5% as the fee rate, X2Y2 will have an annual income of $1500M. For that, a PE ratio shall be 6.

The future of X2Y2 follows the development path of a traditional brokerage with multiple income sources, including the trading fee, launchpad, research center, etc. The adventure and the final success of X2Y2 will be similar to that of Binance (If you can hodl BNB from the beginning, it is an X700 return).

3. The benefits of being a voluntary rebel

Financial benefit (Lanxing’s thought)

  • Since the model of X2Y2 will be similar to that of Binance rewarding referees some trading fees, rebels may enjoy commission incentive;
  • Voluntary rebels may be prioritized in the Ajin Youth Rebels whitelist;
  • Voluntary rebels may be rewarded X2Y2 tokens;
  • Voluntary rebels may be prioritized in whitelists of X2Y2 official launchpad projects.

There may be a marking system counting the scores of tasks. Whenever a voluntary rebel delivers a mission, a score is marked (as a token). The score can exchange for X2Y2 tokens, which is funded with donation. 2. Personal growth

I think many existing NFT traders have already gotten used to Opensea, and it takes time to change the behavior and is easier to attract newbies. Therefore in the future, we will concentrate on promoting X2Y2 on various platforms, including Tiktok, Youtube, Twitter, Google search, Facebook, and Instagram. Also, there will be SOP.

The writing, video-making, personal branding, marketing, and business communication skills will undoubtedly enhance working with us.

My Tiktok account has accumulated over 3M broadcast volume being managed for a month; My Twitter account has grown to over 3k followers for 2 months; My Youtube account has over 700 followers with least than 50 uploads; Many members, who follow my suggestions, attract hundreds of followers on Twitter. I also continuously wrote for more than 220 days and managed paid groups, and several articles are over 1M pageviews.

I connect with many marketing and hacking badasses and realize the importance of SOP, which can ensure our volunteers come up with decent work. I will unreservedly teach you anything I know.

Growth of personal network

I believe those who participated in AMA several times know the quality of our AMA. Therefore, a rebel volunteer has a lot of chances to connect with big influencers throughout our campaigns and increase the likelihood of getting hired in the crypto market.

This is also an excellent opportunity to build up your decision model through this process since you can obtain top-tier information from the best people in this market. While a lunch with Warren Buffett is bidding $500k, a short conversation with the top people here may also give you many insights.

Internal training

We will organize internal training weekly to train volunteers’ crypto knowledge, such as Layer 2 and Cosmos eco. The topics will follow the trends of the market. In such a fast-growing market, we cannot rely too much on our past experiences since many of them cannot match innovations here. Being in a bear market is the best time to equip yourself to catch wealth in a bull market.

Shared crypto knowledge base

Community is made by people and built by people. We share a lot in the community, and we can create a shared crypto knowledge base and may publish books in the future.

Many people in the traditional sectors want to find jobs in the crypto market but have no idea how to start. The base will therefore be an invaluable reference as to how to launch an NFT project, how to invest in an NFT project, how to find free resources, etc.

4. Conclusion

What you will take:

Not a guarantee of financial benefit, but I ensure you will be richer in skill and personal network. I put personal growth as a priority.

What you will give:

Marketing is a marathon, and you will sacrifice some entertainment time. But we will form patterns after a particular time of corporate, and everyone can work more efficiently.

I am glad you finish reading this article. Let’s strive our best to build a trustworthy web3 NFT exchange platform. **EVERY EFFORT COUNTS. **

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