January 27th, 2022

This is about gold.xyz, our latest product on Solana, and the things we learned along its development. I'll specifically delve into our biggest pain point, namely porting Rust code to JavaScript/TypeScript (JS/TS) for the front-end and how we solved it eventually via Wasm. This article is a bit technical, subjective and opinionated, written by me: a Rust dev with minimal JS experience who wants to write as much Rust and as little JS as possible.

Fundraising with NFTs

We came up with the idea of gold.xyz 2 weeks before the 2021 autumn Solana Hackathon. Our Rust team was super confident that we can deliver the MVP—enabling anyone to start a fundraiser where users can bid to NFTs in consecutive auction cycles—in this short amount of time. Oh boy, how wrong we were... Anyway, we decided to give it a go and jumped into action.

We were off to a good start and the Rust contract was 90% finished in about 10 days. We were using the Metaplex standard for the NFTs. The goal was to have a MasterEdition NFT minted for each fundraiser and a ChildEdition NFT minted to the highest bidder at every auction cycle within a fundraiser. By ChildEdition I mean a unique edition (snapshot) of a MasterEdtition NFT, similar to the ERC721 standard on Ethereum.

January 17th, 2022

Bootstrap funding for your community's treasury with custom NFT auctions on Solana.

Gold.xyz makes your community self-sufficient by launching you towards becoming a DAO:
that is, giving you a treasury to govern.

It utilizes the cheap speed of Solana with public smart contracts and mixes it with the power of the ownership economy to kickstart your community's finances.

Like nouns.wtf or wizardsDAO but anyone can do it without crafting smart contracts. Nouns.wtf is an endless auction for one generative NFT a day where the demand and scarcity drove the prices to 40+ ETH per NFT. The profits then go into the collective Nouns DAO treasury which is governed by the NFT holders.
Simple and brilliant.
With gold.xyz, you can do this yourself.