gm to summertime
June 20th, 2022

Friends, it’s been a minute.  You up?

Where we’ve been

So where have we been over the past six months?  At the end of last year, we learned something important.

We learned that a key piece of DAO Contributor Infrastructure was missing.

As we were building tools and pursuing contributor empowerment, we saw that contributors weren’t receiving fair recognition for their contributions.

Not only that, but even the knowledge and records of contributors’ contributions were being lost.  Contributors didn’t know what contributions they were making relative to the needs of the DAOs, and DAOs were unaware of the contributions that fully composed their DAO.

If a DAO is a schelling point for contributors to coordinate towards a goal, and nobody knows what those contributions are, then what is the DAO?

Interestingly, if the contributions were being recorded at all, those records were owned by the DAO. Thus:

Contributors weren’t able to own their own contributions.

At Govrn, we believe the power of the community is derived from the members that make it up.  We believe that the best way to empower the DAO is to empower the DAO Contributors.

A DAO should define itself as the aggregation of all of its members.  The members aren’t defined by “what the DAO is”.

DAOs should be defined by the actions we take, the relationships we make, and the conversations we have.  It’s the things we actually do, the rollup of all the contributions, that define what the DAO is.

We, all of us, define the DAO, the “DAO” doesn’t define us.

This has been, and continues to be, our key mission.  Empower DAOs by empowering the people, the contributors that make it up.

So we grabbed our favorite DAOs to work with, raised a round of funding (👀- more to come on this), ordered the pizza, ranch, a round of kombucha, and found ourselves back in the bazaar of our garage.

And let us tell you, it’s been an amazing 6 months.

What’s next

This brings us here.  While I’m excited, we’re taking a deep breath; we still have a long way to go.  Everything you’ve known about Govrn has been Govrn v0, and we’re ready to finally give you Govrn v1.

What is v1?  Well, it’s a whole next version from v0 😉.  But more importantly, it’s the next step in the Govrn journey.

This summer, we have something special coming your way, something we’re calling:

Hot DAO (Contributor) Summer

If last summer was Hot DAO Summer, then this summer is Hot DAO (Contributor) Summer (HDCS).  This summer, it’s all about you, the contributor.

I can’t wait to introduce more about HDCS soon.  It’s going to be a hot and heavy summer.  But these are always the best.

So for now get ready, relax, and sip that iced tea.  I hope we’ve piqued your interest and that you’re ready to go on this journey with us.

Because let me tell you, I see the sun rising on a new season.

And this summer, it’s going to be all about you.


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