What about DAO Core Teams?

You might have read our last article and thought, “Govrn sounds great for DAOs that don’t need core teams to steward them, but we need a core team to manage things or else we’ll devolve into chaos - an individual contributor focus isn’t enough!“

Fortunately, that’s not the chaos case. In addition to empowering DAO contributors to own their own contributions, we also empower DAO core teams to effectively coordinate those contributions - mainly through our new DAO Dashboard feature.

Govrn's 'DAO Dashboard' feature, built for core teams
Govrn's 'DAO Dashboard' feature, built for core teams

DAO Dashboards provide an amazing bird’s-eye view of all the contributions that are attributed to your DAO.

The contributors still own their own work, but core teams can better understand the work that’s being done in the DAO - leading to less chaos and more coordination.

DAO Dashboards shows you:

  1. A heatmap of the DAOs contributions, showing what was done on what day

  2. A chart of the contributions by member

  3. A chart of the contributions by type/category

  4. All of the recent contributions in the DAO

You can also adjust these by timeframes (week, month, year, etc), and of course there’s even more to come!

When contributors push their contributions up to a DAO, the Dashboard opens the door to whole new ways of coordinating and directing that DAO, simply through the work that’s being done.

For example, if you see that certain types of contributions are happening more often than others, you can double down on those if they’re the most important. Alternatively, if certain important types of contributions are happening less often, newly onboarded contributors can be directed to focus on those types in order to fill the gaps.

DAOs are often inefficient, but they don’t have to be. Use DAO Dashboards to level up your coordination!

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