7 Twitter Algorithm Hacks to Build Your Web3 Following and Sell More of Your Work

Let’s face it, Twitter has been a hot mess for months. Tweets disappear, engagement varies, and the algorithm is all over the place! Recently, I ran experiment to figure it all out. I asked my audience to like, comment and retweet tweets on different days.

The results were amazing and my analysis went viral.

My Algorithm Thread Went Viral
My Algorithm Thread Went Viral

I’ve used my understanding of the Twitter algorithm to grow from a few hundred followers to almost 10,000. My following is 98% web3 and I use it to sell my NFT projects.

If you're an artist, musician, or creative working in the web3 space, you need to produce work AND cultivate a following of collectors.

Sounds exhausting, doesn’t it?

Don’t worry, use these 7 tips to master the new Twitter algo, get more followers and sell more stuff!

1. Be Consistent

There’s no way to get around this one. The algo will punish your account if you stop tweeting, and retweets don’t count as being active. As a matter of fact, the new algo doesn’t like retweets. To grow on Twitter, get out of your comfort zone, and start tweeting several times a day.

👉🏻 Use a tweet scheduler - Inexpensive tools like Hypefury or Typefully will help you schedule & create tweets.

👉🏻Reuse material - Pull that tweet from 3 months ago and tweet it again. It helps you stay consistent. Remember, your Twitter audience is always changing.

2. Engage With Your Followers

The new algo loves comments. My experiment showed that comments are the new retweets, helping you expand your reach by a factor of 10. Twitter rewards interesting conversations and desires engagement.

👉🏻 Ask Questions - As an artist, you might ask for feedback on a project. “Do you like A or B?” Questions get the algorithm working in your favor.

👉🏻 Become a Reply Guy - Engage with your followers and help create engaging conversations. Reply to accounts within your field of creativity. You’ll attract like minded follows, ready to buy your work.

3. Write Threads

I’ve written thousands of tweets, hundreds of threads and dozens of the new “long form tweets”. This is what I can tell you: The algorithm LOVES threads. When done well, threads keep a reader’s attention, keeping you on the platform longer. The algorithm rewards that writing with views.

👉🏻 Be Careful With Links - The algorithm hates links. Never post a link to your work in the first tweet, instead build a short thread with the link at the end.

👉🏻 Writing Threads Resources:

🔷 Writing Threads - Twitter Spaces Panel

🔷 Writing Threads 101 - Twitter Space

4. Use Group Chats

The first few minutes of your tweets (or threads) are super important. Likes, comments and RTs early will tell the algo that your tweet is worth showing to others. Use Twitter group chats to get your tweets in front of your community in a quick and efficient manner.

👉🏻 Start Your Own Group - If you can’t find groups to join, start your own. Find like minded artists and creatives. Come together and agree to share, like and comment on each other’s tweets.

👉🏻 Use the Mute Function - If you’re like me and involved in dozens of chats, use the mute function to keep your notifications from going crazy!

5. Build In Public

Compelling content gets views. Storytelling is the most compelling content, but we’re not all master storytellers. The easiest story to tell is your own. Share your goals, successes and failures.

👉🏻 Ask Questions (see #2) - Get advice, ask for feedback and pose questions to build in public and engage your audience.

👉🏻 Build in Public Resources:

🔷 Kevon Cheung’s Fantastic Website

🔷 20 Build In Public Examples

6. Jump On Spaces

Twitter has cut support to every feature, save one: Spaces. Twitter features & highlights Spaces all over your timeline. They appear to be an important part of the platform going forward. Bottom line, the algorithm loves Spaces and they are a great way to build a following.

👉🏻 Speak Up - Raise your hand, jump on stage and bring value to the conversation. Don’t shill. That’s a turn-off.

👉🏻 Start Your Own Spaces - If you’re having trouble finding shows in your niche, start your own. Bring value to the community with how-tos, interesting guests and stimulating conversations.

7. Look Outside Twitter

It’s no secret that Twitter has lost some of it’s mojo. The algorithm changes everyday, resulting in a feed of viral videos and people we don’t know. Meanwhile, our friends never show up! It’s possible that Twitter may not be the primary platform for finding web3 collectors in the future.

👉🏻 Decentralized Socials - Check out Lens and/or Farcaster. Web3 creators are finding success on these platforms. Since both require a crypto wallet to join, every user is a customer, ready to buy your work.

👉🏻 Web2 Alternatives - Instagram and Reddit are becoming web3 friendly platforms, full of collectors. Linkedin is a great place to network, but I wouldn’t recommend the platform for artists looking for collectors.


Thanks for reading!

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