How To Create A Poetry NFT & Receive A Free NFT

The blockchain is allowing the written word to become valuable art. Talented artists and authors from around the world are using poetry NFTs to engage audiences and collectors like never before.

So how do you create one?

I recently created and minted a poetry NFT. In this blog post, I’ll show you how.

And, I’ll give it to you for free, just read till the end!

Step 1: Write Your Poem

Any piece of poetry will do, but you’ll find poetry that can fit onto a single piece of visual medium works best. Smaller pieces do well.. Where & how you create your poems does not matter for poetry NFTs.

In my case, I’m not a poet. I commissioned a piece of poetry from one of my favorite poets, David Jones. Here’s how: I shared a piece of art I own, from the talented generative artist, Landlines. I asked David to write a poem inspired by the art.

This was the finished product:

Landlines Art x David Jones Poetry
Landlines Art x David Jones Poetry

Step 2: Create a Visual Medium

Once your poem is written, it’s time to create something visual to represent your words. You can choose anything you’d like. Some poets use little to no visual background. Others use art or even music and sound. The output is up to you and the type of art you want to create. Use platforms like Adobe Express or Photopea. AI art can also be used as a source of inspiration.

For my NFT, I wanted to fuse the words into the art. I used Canva to create this piece:

Can You Find The Crushed Atoms?
Can You Find The Crushed Atoms?

Step 3: Mint Your NFT

Now that you have created a visual medium, save it to a JPEG and find a platform to mint. There are many to choose from. Tezos has a vibrant and supportive poetry community. Objkt has an easy minting process. Ethereum is generally regarded as the gold standard for art NFTs, but can be more expensive. You can quickly and easily mint on Opensea. If this is your first piece, don’t get too dorked up about where & when. My recommendation is to Just Do It! You’ll get better over time.

For my piece, I chose the minting platform, Manifold. I’ll be gifing this poetry NFT to my collectors (read to the bottom to find out how you can be one!). Manifold has an excellent process of airdropping NFTs to your audience.

Step 4: Share Your NFT With The World

Congratulations! You’ve minted your first poetry NFT and become an official member of the Write3 movement. Share the good news with your audience! Instagram and Twitter are both excellent social platforms that embrace the poetry NFT community.

For my piece, I’ll be gifting this NFT to the collectors of this post. That’s right, collect this Mirror post and I’ll airdrop you this David Jones x Landlines poetry NFT for free. This is my way of saying THANK YOU for reading and engaging with my content! Go ahead, hit that collect button! But hurry, there’s only 10 available!


Thanks for reading!

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