4 Optimism PFP Projects You Should Know


If you're interested in Ethereum, you should know about PFP projects on the Optimism Network. Optimism is a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, offering a faster, cheaper, and more efficient way to transact. The network provides an attractive option for developers and creators looking to build on the Eth, but want the convenience of an L2.

Here’s the great thing about Optimism PFP Projects: Passionate communities, building cool things & creating awesome art. At very affordable prices! It’s likely that as L2s like Optimism gain traction, the NFT projects on the network will as well. The problem is that few people know about the communities being built. Let me help:

Here’s four Optimism NFT Profile Pic projects you should know. I’ve included an Eth project it reminds me of and the current floor price. Happy Collecting!

1. OptiChads

Bald with a Red Beard, Just Like The Write3 Guy!
Bald with a Red Beard, Just Like The Write3 Guy!

First up, OptiChads, a 10,000 PFP project that focuses on improving health and wellness in the Web3 space. (This author could use the help!) The community includes hard core Optimism users and gives back 50% of its profits to the Retroactive Public Goods. The founder built OptiChads on Optimism due to low competition and affordable transactions. The OptiChads use a voting system for decision making, ensuring community involvement in all major decisions. This includes a recent decision to make a companion collection, ArbiBabes, on the Arbirtrum blockchain.

👉🏻 Reminds Me Of: Psychedelics Anonymous - Health Minded Founder/Project

👉🏻 Current Floor Price: .0145e

2. Apetimism

Kabosu & Baseball Bat - A Match Made In Heaven
Kabosu & Baseball Bat - A Match Made In Heaven

Next up, Apetimism, a collection of 4,000 unique profile pictures that feature cute and colorful apes in various poses and expressions. The founder is a hard core developer who has had experience with L2s since the beginning. Apetimism is a business focused NFT project aimed at creating a sustainable business model for a PFP project. A worthy endeavor! They have built a L2 launchpad, helping creators launch their NFT projects on Optimism, Arbitrum and other L2s. They are also developing a gated content creation tool, perfect for adding value to PFP projects. If you want to see your PFP project create value for you and the community, Apetimism is one to watch.

👉🏻 Reminds Me Of: The Plague - Business Minded Founder/Community

👉🏻 Current Floor Price: .1eth

3. Bored Town

Bored Town Gives Me Dr. Seuss Vibes
Bored Town Gives Me Dr. Seuss Vibes

Another great Optimism PFP project is Bored Town, a collection of 5,555 unique profile pictures that feature playful characters in various poses and outfits. The project’s creator, Sorryvrerro, is a graphic designer, writer, and entrepreneur from Thailand. Bored Town has gained a loyal following due to its engaging community, which is committed to fostering a positive and inclusive environment for collectors. It represents a community of art lovers and the project lives by the mantra “No utility, No roadmap. Just art”. And the art is 🔥!

👉🏻 Reminds Me Of: Creature World - Artist Lead Community

👉🏻 Current Floor Price: .0169e

4. Tickled Picklez

One Lucky Collector of This Mirror Essay Will Win This NFT 👆🏻
One Lucky Collector of This Mirror Essay Will Win This NFT 👆🏻

Finally, there's Tickled Picklez, a collection of 7,000 unique PFPs featuring hand-drawn cartoonish characters with a variety of expressions and poses. The founder chose Optimism for its ecosystem and technology, and the project has gained popularity due to its engaging community and fun mini game. Owners of at least one Tickled Picklez NFT can play the game, which can be found on the project's website.

👉🏻 Reminds Me Of: Doodles - Fun, Family Friendly & Whimsical Style

👉🏻 Current Floor Price: .0017e

As you can see, there’s plenty of interesting and passionate communities building on the OP network. At VERY affordable entry points. Each project offers a unique value proposition for collectors. Whether you're looking for a cute animal avatar or a quirky cartoon character, the Optimism blockchain has something for everyone. I’ve enjoyed exploring an NFT ecosystem outside of Eth, and recommend you do as well. Let me know your favorite OP NFTs projects and Happy Collecting!


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