5 Reasons Write3 Will Change The Writing Industry

I sit at the intersection of writing and web3. What I like to call Write3. Write3 is the combination of writers, blockchain technology & community. It's a movement rooted in decentralization, with an eye towards disrupting the status quo. I'm super excited for Write3, but I often get asked this question:

Why does Write3 need to exist?

Traditional writing models and web2 are not enough for today’s authors. Web3 offers a compelling alternative, here’s why:

  1. Own The Work - Web3 offers a direct-to-consumer model that is scalable and
    that you own. Often, the content is stored on the permaweb, which establishes

  2. Own The Audience - Web2 owns the community, not the writers. Web3 is
    different. There is no shadowbanning in web3. You know your fans and can
    take them anywhere.

  3. Web2's Misaligned Financial Incentives - Platforms such as Twitter and Medium use the content provided by writers to grow. Yet, they offer very little in the way of financial return. Web3 platforms promise a user-owned experience that align the content creators & the platforms.

  4. New & Exciting Ways To Create & Share Content - Web3 introduces an array of new content delivery methods. For example, poetry readings in Decentraland, NFT lore, and read-to-earn programs. Airdrops, NFTs & soul-bound tokens are exciting ways to engage audiences and enhance the reader experience.

  5. Community Building Like Never Before - Web3 empowers communities. Writers can come together and share IP. DAOs can create writing agencies. DAOs can create publishing companies where the writer's own the business. Communities can source work and share in the proceeds. The possibilities are endless!

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