Signs of Greatness

What makes a founder truly great? I am no expert, just a founder spending a lot of times with other founders.

Here is, what I have come to believe are the attributes of the very best - say top 5% - founders and builders (product managers, engineers, designers, etc.) I've had the privilege to observe in action.

7 attributes stand out to me:

  1. Self-actualizing: Be willing to fail more, try new things, take more risks, take on new skills and be willing to suck for a prolonged of time. Self-awareness put in motion.
  2. Resilient: Come out of dark holes sooner and faster. Be able to let go of what’s hindering mentally and focus on bouncing back.
  3. Consistent. Hone their craft every day. Grind, day in day out. Relentless.
  4. Competitive. Inner fire to win, 24/7.
  5. Thinks independently. Question everything, even the obvious stuff. Not subject to seeking social validation.
  6. Truth-seeking. Pokes at own ideas.
  7. Curious and fast-learning. Plenty of hacks to extract good intel quickly. Good sense for the right questions to ask.
  8. Generous. Willing to teach and to show a vulnerable side. Take ownership for the team, especially in hard times.
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