March 30th, 2022

GumpDAO is a SocialFi project inspired by the movie Forrest Gump and the idea of Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). $GUMP is the reward token that circulates among our members. At the same time, the GumpDAO will continue to donate $GUMP tokens to the people in need. Regardless of the amount, any donation is a gift of hope and goodwill.

$GUMP is fully decentralized, 95% of $GUMP is allocated to Uniswap Pool, the remaining 5% is reserved for airdropping to $PEOPLE holders.

Why GumpDAO is created?

GumpDAO is developed by a group of blockchain engineers and programmers who are fascinated by the concept of DAO. Inspired by and is part of the ConsititutionDAO to demonstrate kindness and goodwill, GumpDAO adheres to creating an organization with social responsibility at its core using Web3 technology, it is our belief that we should help each other by giving because only together we can.