gUSHer: Pre-launch Announcement

GUSH your USH. unshETH your ETH.

Preface (unshETH your ETH)

In early 2023, unshETH announced a novel innovation in LSDFi with a core mission of promoting decentralization of ETH stakers and preserving true security of the Ethereum network. The launch of their unshETH token allowed users to have exposure to an automatically diversified basket of liquid staked ETH derivatives (LSDs) and their yield. They also built the world's first Validator Decentralization Automated Market Maker (vdAMM), transforming unshETH into a liquidity hub for LSDs that is more efficient and safer (less prone to tail-risk) than Curve or other existing AMM solutions. Participants in the ecosystem are rewarded with USH, the governance token and incentive layer for unshETH.

vdUSH: the ruling incentive layer for ETH LSDs

Users with locked USH (vdUSH) govern the following:

  • The composition of LSDs and their various weights

  • Directing USH incentives and partnerships

  • Fee parameters and fee switch for vdAMM swaps

gUSHer enters the chat (GUSH your USH)

Introducing gUSHer, a platform custom-built with the purpose of boosting and optimizing rewards for USH stakers and liquidity providers in the unshETH protocol. The tedious acts of actively managing: staking, claiming, re-staking, providing liquidity, and others is expensive and time-consuming. gUSHer batches and automates these processes in an optimal way, maximizing yield, all while receiving [gUSHer exclusive] boosted yield (paid in USH, vdUSH, and GUSH). gUSHer charges no fees for deposits/withdrawals, only a low performance fee on profits, which is distributed to USH stakers and GUSH holders.

How to use gUSHer (abridged version)

Optimize USH

Convert USH into gushUSH:

  • Earn share of [gUSHer exclusive] boosted USH yield

  • Earn vdUSH rewards and airdrops

  • Earn GUSH

Optimize ETH

Deposit ETH, unshETH or any other supported LSD into gUSHer:

  • Auto-compound unshETH staking rewards:

    • USH farm rewards

    • ETH staking APY

    • vdAMM swap fees

    • unshETH deposit fees

    • unshETH redemption fees

    • Partner farm rewards

  • Earn GUSH

Stake GUSH

Deposit GUSH (no lock-up):

  • Earn a portion of ALL protocol fees in gushUSH

Early incentives and airdrops

Liquidity Mining

In an effort to subsidize liquidity for GUSH and gushUSH, those who provide liquidity in the following pools will earn GUSH rewards:

  • gushUSH/USH (official contract address to be announced)

  • GUSH/ETH (official contract address to be announced)

unshETH Staking

Users who stake their unshETH through gUSHer will earn GUSH rewards.


vdUSH holders will earn a proportional GUSH airdrop.

What should you do if you want to GUSH your USH?

Please note: details of the final protocol may deviate from the pre-launch described above. However, this is not our expectation.

gUSHer will undergo contract audits and is expected to launch in June, 2023. Stay tuned for updates.

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