Introducing: SynchroniCity

Finding the frontier of what is possible with Web 3.0, Art, Culture, Marketing, and more.

Upon first glance, as many laypeople will be quick to point out, Web 3.0, Crypto, and the whole ecosystem of tokens and nodes and discord servers which has been supporting the space thus far, can look quite similar to Web 2.0, and centralization moreover, but just with expensive jpegs; most commonly the jab used is that it is a Ponzi Scheme. And while I get the immediate allergic reaction most non-crypto’s have (myself having been one not too long ago), I also see a huge window of opportunity to begin to not only market this thing in a different way, but also explore the full capabilities of this new model, and display to those laypeople the true full potential of a decentralized, collectively owned network.

I began my journey not quite knowing how to dive in, I saw phenomenal digital art projects, generative PFP projects, Music NFT’s, the explosive DeFI space, and more, but I kept feeling just shy of capable of partaking in any one of these fully. Im not the most impressive visual artist, I certainly am not the technical wizard some of you all have shown yourselves to be, and I typically like to keep my music analog, (again due to severe technical deficiencies). I have been sort of surrounded on all corners by countless opportunities but not enough know how/confidence to fully be able to flesh one idea out over another, which is where this vision began to take form.

We have seen many ways in which this new burgeoning world has cropped up into the physical one; from BTC Miami to NFT NYC, and while these events are certainly a true testament to the immense pressure behind the floodgates waiting to burst out into all of our lives, I’m still left wanting more. There still feels like this localized element to these events which puts a ceiling on the amount of marketing power they actually have. Again, I want to say this is not a critique of these hugely successful and important people who have gotten us to these heights, I am certainly attempting to stand on the shoulders of giants here.

I guess the one question I wanted to try and answer was: what would an art installation look like, if it were truly, fully implemented in Web 3.0 fashion? What ‘piece’ can take full advantage of the non-local, monetizable, community owned facets of this vehicle we are building. How can we record something that can only be consumed or digested with this new technology. My vision behind this project is guided by three simple beliefs:

-Cryptos, Web 3.0, and blockchain moreover has a very serious messaging problem. There is almost a sort of ‘event horizon’ behind which exists the intimate knowledge of distributed ledgers and cryptographic security, but on the surface laypeople just see millionaires trading jpegs

-Utilizing Web 3.0 to monetize and reward creators, creatives, and both technical and community support, in a fair and open way, is the most vital piece at the core of this movement.

-Finding the edge of what not only is, but may be possible, with this ecosystem is a necessary risk to help broaden the scope, applicability, and visibility of who, what and how individuals can engage with Web 3.0, and cross through the ‘event horizon’

So what is it?

Introducing: SynchroniCity

A non-local, live symphonic performance, dispersed across as many cities or countries that choose to partake, all orchestrated via appropriate Web 3.0 stakeholders: Audio-Visual, hard/software, Performers/composers, and technical and supporting crew, etc.

Ive drawn from the oft romanticized scene of a lone busker on a subway platform serenading the echoing halls of empty. But in this case, an entire orchestra, each member in a different part of the world, coordinated by one cadence, performing to the Metaverse all at once.

A project like this would take key delegates to be able to incorporate whatever video conference, sound mixing rig that could enable such an interplay. As well, each individual performer could have the option to utilize whichever form of tokenization, NFT’s, etc.

Ill begin with an Initial Crowdfund to lay out interest for what could eventually grow to a much larger platform for more structure - (Discord, more funding, A Dao?)

Initially I knew this would be something ambitious, but I am confident that where I lack, there are countless individuals who again have made such impressive strides for this community who can turn a mere idea into a living breathing, Metaversal orchestral performance.

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