Full Guide to the Halo Membership Pass Public Sale

Embrace the imminent arrival of a momentous event! Brace yourself for the enchanting spectacle of the Halo Membership Pass minting!

The Halo Membership Pass is an important credential that measures everyone's contribution to the Halo ecosystem. By minting this pass, you embark on a transformative journey, delving deep into the SocialFi UBI revolution alongside the passionate Halo community members.

Prepare to unleash the boundless capabilities within SocialFi, as you embark on an extraordinary odyssey within the resplendent Halo ecosystem.

💎 Minting time of Halo Membership Pass

⏰ Minting begins on April 26th, 10AM (UTC).

Mark your calendars to embark on your minting journey of Halo Membership Pass! Let's delve deeper into the key dates and times that will shape this extraordinary event.

💎 Halo Membership Pass Collection

The level and number of passes you are eligible to mint will be determined by your Halo XP ranking and the number of Genesis passes you hold based on the on-chain snapshot.

Basic info:

  • Collection Name:Halo Membership Pass

  • Network: BNB Chain

  • Items: 40,000 (Initial mint)

  • Levels: 6 levels in total

  • Mint price: 10 USDT for each Membership Pass (Level 1 - Level 6)


  • Discount Coupons will be automatically applied at the time of minting. The maximum discount applies to the same address regardless of how many passes you will mint. For example, if you have both 20% and 40% discount coupons, the 40% discount will be applied to all the passes you mint.

  • Halo will publish the eligible addresses for whitelist minting after the snapshot.

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1️⃣ Upgrade for Genesis Pass holders

Congratulations! You will have priority over other users in upgrading your membership pass!

What level of Membership Pass can you mint?

For Genesis Pass holders: You can start at Level 4 and advance.


  • You can mint multiple Membership Passes for a single wallet address if you hold multiple Genesis Passes.

  • Halo will automatically provide the best minting option based on the snapshot of your XP and Genesis Passes snapshot.

For example, if your XP rank >= 1600 and holding 4 Genesis Passes, you can mint one Lv 5 Membership Pass as per the primary rule. Additionally, with the remaining 3 Genesis Passes, you can mint another Lv 5 Membership Pass using 2 Genesis Passes and a Lv 4 Membership Pass with 1 Genesis Pass as per the secondary rule. Hence, Halo's optimal suggestion would be two Lv 5 and one Lv 4 Membership Passes.

On minting day, you must follow this optimal option to mint all passes. If you want a different outcome based on your XP and Genesis Pass, ensure to calculate and transfer your Genesis Passes to the appropriate wallet before SNAPSHOT.

2️⃣ Upgrade for all Halo users

The limit of 2,100 Genesis Passes will be lifted, and more users will have the opportunity to deeply participate in ecosystem building.

What level of Membership Pass can you mint?

For common users: You can upgrade up to Level 4 based on Halo XP ranking.

💎 Steps of minting Halo Membership Pass

(1) Check the schedule and secure your WL spot

Keep an eye on official Halo announcements for updates on the minting schedule. Secure your Halo Genesis Pass and engage in the vibrant Halo ecosystem to earn XP in order to get whitelisted. Check your eligibility on the minting page. Mark the date and time of the minting.

(2) Get your wallet ready

Download Halo in advance and ensure you have enough $BNB and USDT in wallet to cover gas and minting fees. This step is crucial to ensure a smooth transaction process.

👉Download: https://halo.social/

(3) Access minting site & Mint your Pass

Head over to the minting page and connect your wallet. Follow the prompts to mint your Halo Membership Pass.

(4) Stay engaged

As the Halo ecosystem evolves, stay tuned for new features, events, and opportunities. Engaging with the Halo community can offer valuable insights and connections in the Web3 space.

💎 Benefits empowered by Membership Pass

▶️ Exclusive Benefits of Membership Pass in Transition Period

Experience the array of benefits that await you during the Membership Pass transition period. Here are the remarkable perks that will accompany your journey:

  1. Post Permissions: After the minting begins, Membership Pass holders can continue to create posts, while Genesis Pass privileges will be phased out two weeks after the minting starts to avoid affecting the content volume.

  2. Avatar Badges: After the minting begins, avatar badges will switch to different levels based on your Membership Pass.

  3. XP Tasks: After the minting begins, Membership Passes will be rewarded with XP and Genesis Passes will no longer receive XP. The first XP reward will be given on April 27th at 0AM (UTC).

  4. Swap: Genesis Pass holders can continue to enjoy swap with zero platform service fees until the commission system is implemented.

  5. Season-based System: Season 1 will commence after the minting of Phase 1 concludes. Stay tuned for more details!


  1. Can each address only mint one Halo Membership Pass?

    You can mint multiple Membership Passes for a single wallet address if you hold multiple Genesis Passes. Please refer to the "Upgrade for Genesis Pass holders" section for more details on minting.

  2. Will all levels of Halo Membership Pass open for minting after this minting event?

    This minting event is your ONLY opportunity to obtain a high-level Pass. After this event, all newly issued Passes will start from Level 1.

  3. What if I'm whitelisted for minting but missed the event?

    You'll no longer be able to mint the Membership Passes after this event. Please ensure to mint the passes within the designated minting period.

  4. After the minting, how to upgrade my Membership Pass to a higher level?

    You can directly buy a higher level pass from the secondary market. Additionally, the Halo Membership Pass will operate on a season-based promotion system. By achieving a rank within the top X% of XP for your current level in a given season, you can upgrade your Membership Pass to the next level. More details will be provided soon.

  5. Will XP be reset to 0 after the minting?

    No, your Halo XP will not be reset to 0 after minting. As a significant measure of loyalty, your Halo XP will continue to accumulate.

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