Unlock Rewards With Halo Wallet: Join Alliance Membership For Exclusive Airdrop Benefits!

Amidst the market turmoil, Halo continues to improve the accessibility and user experience of our Genesis Pass membership program. Halo Wallet partners with KuCoin and Animoca Brand to launch a powerful cross-platform alliance membership designed to integrate digital asset ecosystem resources.

Welcome to the Halo alliance membership program for endless alliance benefits and airdrops.

1️⃣ Halo X Mocaverse Mission

💎 Mission1: Welcome to Halo Wallet

Prize pool: 80 RP per person with a total RP pool of 3,200,000

Requirement: Download Halo Wallet APP, Moca ID

How to Complete:

  1. Download the Halo Wallet App at halo.social

  2. Create an account or import wallet with seed phrase

  3. Link Moca ID to Halo Wallet: Enter XP center on Halo Wallet. Follow the instructions on the “Alliance Membership” task to link your Moca ID or mint one.

💎 Mission2: Post content in the Halo Wallet APP

Prize Pool: 165 RP per person with a total RP pool of 330,000

Requirement: Completed Mission 1 - Welcome to Halo Wallet

How to Complete:

  1. Create or login to your Halo Wallet Account

  2. Hold Halo Wallet Genesis Pass: Not a holder? Purchase one at NFT marketplace

  3. Post Content in the Halo Wallet APP (Tutorial)

📒 Note: Once the mission ends, we’ll begin distributing the rewards and you will see an update on the Mocaverse page. Besides, maintain ownership of the Genesis Pass NFT until the mission concludes to be eligible for RP rewards.

👉Click to join the mission

You need to hold or link featured NFTs in the Halo Wallet App to earn additional Halo XP rewards.

  1. Earn 5 Halo XP daily for holding a Mocaverse NFT

  2. Earn 2 Halo XP daily for linking to a Moca ID

  3. Earn 2 Halo XP daily for holding a KABT

You can check your daily XP rewards from the Halo XP history page.

📒 Note: The rewards for alliance membership are not cumulative. If you hold Mocaverse NFT, Moca ID and KABT at the same time, the highest value of XP rewards will prevail.

👉Claim your XP rewards

3️⃣ Halo X KuCoin Exchange - Claim your KABT

  1. New users registered with Halo Wallet are eligible to claim a KABT(KuCoin Account Bound Token) for free

  2. Enjoy 1-month VIP1 trading rates and generous welcome gifts from KuCoin exchange

👉 Claim your KABT here

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About Halo Wallet

Halo Wallet is a leading Web3 social wallet that utilizes its financial capability to monetize the data value of a social network. It aims to be a portal for global users in the SocialFi ecosystem by aggregating wallet’s activity across various protocols and turning them into a human friendly social feed. Halo Wallet ensures users have an intuitive interface to manage digital assets, track DeFi portfolios and discover market trends without leaving the app.

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