Join the SocialFi Revolution: Your Guide to Minting the Genesis NFT Pass

Get ready, as a significant event is on the verge of happening! Prepare yourself for the introduction of the Halo Wallet Genesis NFT Pass - your ticket to a vibrant ecosystem where partners, creators, and community members come together.

By minting this pass, you're not just acquiring an NFT, you're stepping into a unique SocialFi platform. Gear up to contribute, participate, and unlock your full potential in the Halo ecosystem. 🎉

Why should you get one?

The Genesis NFT Pass, a limited edition offering with only 2,100 available, is set to revolutionize your experience within the Halo ecosystem. As a key asset of the platform, the Genesis NFT Pass will provide holders with a broad range of benefits, including economic, product, and governance advantages.

As a Genesis NFT Pass holder, you will be automatically elevated to the status of VIP3 level membership, a rarity enjoyed by less than 20% of the community. But the perks don't stop there! The Genesis NFT Pass is your ticket to a host of exclusive privileges that will be unveiled in the future. 🚀

When to mint the Genesis NFT Pass?

🔔 Mark October 12th on your calendar. That’s when the magic will happen on Halo Wallet!

The minting process of Genesis NFT Pass is divided into two rounds:

💚The first round, VIP Mint, is open to team members, partners, and quality creators with a guaranteed supply of 150 and no oversupply. The minting period is 8 hours. If minting is not completed within this time, the corresponding minting eligibility and NFTs will be carried over to the second round.

💚The second round, Public/WL Mint, is open to all whitelist users on a first-come, first-served basis with a total amount of 1950 available. The minting duration for this stage is set at 24 hours.

How to mint?

(1) Check the schedule and secure your whitelist spot

👀 Keep an eye on official Halo Wallet announcements for updates on the minting schedule. Check your eligibility on the minting page and participate in airdrop events to get whitelisted. Mark the date and time of the launch.

(2) Get your wallet ready

Download Halo Wallet in advance and ensure your Halo Wallet has enough $ETH to cover gas fees for minting. This step is crucial to ensure a smooth transaction process.


(3) Access minting site & Mint your NFT

Head over to the minting page and connect your wallet. Follow the prompts to mint your Halo Wallet Genesis NFT Pass.


  • Each address can mint only ONE NFT;

  • For creators & partners, if you don't complete minting in the first round, your minting eligibility and NFTs will roll over to the second round. This means you can still participate in the NFT minting in the second round, but the outcome is NOT guaranteed;

  • If you're eligible for minting in the second round and fail to complete within the period, your eligibility will expire after the event ends;

  • The second round operates on a first-come, first-served basis. Set a reminder to seize your opportunity.

  • Halo Wallet reserves all rights to the final explanation of the event.

(4) Stay engaged

As the Halo ecosystem evolves, stay tuned for new features, events, and opportunities. Engaging with the Halo community can offer valuable insights and connections in the Web3 space.

👉To learn more about Halo Wallet Genesis NFT Pass?

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About Halo Wallet

Halo Wallet is a leading Web3 social wallet that utilizes its financial capability to monetize the data value of a social network. It aims to be a portal for global users in the SocialFi ecosystem by aggregating wallet’s activity across various protocols and turning them into a human friendly social feed. Halo Wallet ensures users have an intuitive interface to manage digital assets, track DeFi portfolios and discover market trends without leaving the app.

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