August 9th, 2022

Why would anyone pay 10 ETH for a 1/1 music nft in a bear market?


I remember when I heard of an LA based music artist Nipsey Hustle selling his mixtape, Crenshaw for 100 USD each in 2013. He allowed people to listen online for free, but he created 1,000 limited editions for the price of $100.oo. I thought that was crazy but at the same time I thought this was cool, amazing, revolutionary, exciting, and all of those other words. One would think, “who would buy a mixtape for 100 dollars?” Well, Jay Z bought 100 copies and other people who understood his visions purchased as well.

By the time I heard the story I was just out of college, so I didn’t fully understand. Then a couple years later I read a book called, Contagious and the aim to make an idea spread and something that seemed outrageous at one point is now the norm today.

February 17th, 2022

What if you could listen to my music while mining for BYG tokens in your NFT MK2 Asteroid Hunter that explores different galaxies and maybe yield up to a 600% return . Well thats what you could do in Black Eye Galaxy Metaverse, all except for streaming my music in their Metaverse but that will be something I will push for :)

I believe that everything web3 will be a fully functioning system.

  • You will be able to stream music in your collection into the metaverse while being active in play to earn metaverse games
  • As you are walking around the Decentraland you can put on music from your collection thats acts like theme music
  • People will be able to show up to rooms and invest in projects they believe in
February 15th, 2022

Basic is the second music video from artist producer Harrison First and Stockholm based artist Angie debut album Not Pushing Daisies

Directed by Jean-Luc Mwepu Co-Directed by Ängie Director of photography Simon Bendroth First assistent camera Nowell Englund Set design & style Linnea Nelson Makeup / Styling Ängie Hair by Fairwithhair Costumes Peter Englund Styling extras Olivia Brilliantes Second assistent camera Jesper Lundkvist Production assistant Hugo Roisland

February 10th, 2022

Title: Harrison First | Long Live The Producer

(Currently Raised 1.63 ETH which has been placed in the FIRST Liquidity pool. We are still working on the album and look forward to this journey with everyone! )

My name is Lanre Odunlami, aka Harrison First, and I’m raising 15 ETH to fund my next album in 2022 in exchange for 40% ownership of my master royalties paid in $FIRST, free music nfts, and access to mp3 files of my music.

Who am I?

January 26th, 2022

It feels like everyday another nft platform is popping up on the scene, and each time, one more interesting than the other. We are currently in a paradigm shift in music so the opportunity for innovation and change in music is here but sometimes it can be hard to tell which ideas will last and which ones are trends that will fade away. Although, in web3 we like to say wagmi, the truth is everyone isn’t going to make it but at least we can all try.

I personally have my favorite music nft platform to use but I am always taking calls to learn more about others that are fighting for market share and introducing innovation. I wanted to share 3 of the current platforms I had calls with and maybe you might find value in these music nft platforms.

  1. Myx
January 17th, 2022

Girl From Harlem is the third music nft that I will release on CatalogWorks January 18th. The reserve price will be 1 ETH and once bid on a 24hr auction will go in place. After a week of voting on the $FIRST DAO, the community has also voted to have utility tied to Harrison First NFT Music Projects.

With this drop, the collector will also receive my full wearable collection titled “AllMighty FIRST Collection 1”. This wearable collection is compatible with Decentraland and goes in line with the theme and mood of the song and my style. The collector of this piece will also receive the full stems of the project and the ability to remake the song.

White Paper https://mirror.xyz/harrisonfirst.eth/EYP8VbLRGn1s72t4jba5HFqIXJ5VF2BN5dRV-xNvMwU

Wearable Collection https://market.decentraland.org/accounts/0xf4dbef17d54e4b56bb8ee1a55f18f96fee5b2219?assetType=item&section=wearables

January 17th, 2022

On Jan 15th me and not so negative vibrations dropped our first nft project together and is the 24hrs the auction was settled at 3 ETH (10,132 USD) on Foundation.

NFTs are continue to shape the way we consume and look at music and the paradigm continues to shift. When I created the music for this video I wanted to create a cool calm and sexy feeling. Something that screams “Im Good”!!!!!!!! Originally I created the music for an artist in Malmo Sweden and after some time I didnt think the music best lived with her, so over the years I continued to change the beat and play with it from time to time. When the opportunity for me and “not so negative vibrations” I thought this instrumental would be perfect and the rest was magic!!!

January 14th, 2022

Hello my name is Harrison First,

As I continue to grow and develop in this web 3 space I am going on year 3 as an nft and social token creator. Finding new ways to communicate my message in music is a constant exploration but identifying new mediums for my music always excites me. Locating untapped spaces where my music could live creates a feeling of enjoyment. For years I played the streaming game and was pretty good at it. The music I released worked really well in the current web 2 system. The first song I produced was for Teflon Sega and SAINt JHN and reached 13.7M streams on Spotify.