Harrison $First MUSIC NFT projects (mini White Paper)
January 14th, 2022

Hello my name is Harrison First,

As I continue to grow and develop in this web 3 space I am going on year 3 as an nft and social token creator. Finding new ways to communicate my message in music is a constant exploration but identifying new mediums for my music always excites me. Locating untapped spaces where my music could live creates a feeling of enjoyment. For years I played the streaming game and was pretty good at it. The music I released worked really well in the current web 2 system. The first song I produced was for Teflon Sega and SAINt JHN and reached 13.7M streams on Spotify.

Shortly after I figured out my style as a producer artist and started releasing my own records under Harrison First and that was very successful with several songs with millions of streams on Spotify.

Although I really appreciate what streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music have done in regards to music discovery, there is still lots they can improve on and NFTs have currently been the solution to lots of problems we see in the music industry.

Currently my music NFTs will primary live on 3 different platforms which is CatalogWorks, MintSongs, and Myx.

CatalogWorks is where all my 1/1 music nfts will live (produced and performed by me)

Collection on CatalogWorks
Collection on CatalogWorks

MintSongs will be a place where all my multiple editions live.

Collection on MintSongs
Collection on MintSongs

Myx is where my instrumental and DJ sets will live

Myx is a new nft platform
Myx is a new nft platform

With each Music NFT the plan is to have utility around specific drops for instance, stems to the projects, $FIRST Token giveaway to the collectors which acts as a governance token and allows you to make vote and make proposals in the $FIRST DAO, as well as wearable giveaways. All main nft music projects will be 100% created by me.

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