By Sam Rosenblum

Haun Ventures is leading Zora’s latest fundraise to accelerate the growth of one of web3’s most important protocols. The future of the internet needs Zora—a hyperstructure that can “run for free and forever, without maintenance, interruption, or intermediaries.”


Haun Ventures is dedicated to backing teams building a better internet. That means a web defined by more opportunity, creativity, security, and accountability than the version of the web that came before. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a core building block that are central to the future of the web. We believe NFTs will produce a new generation of creators and makers who will enjoy more equitable economics thanks to a web built with better incentives that fairly values the contributions of those who create the culture. We also see web3 innovations like NFTs as a positive force for openness and decentralization in a web currently weighted too heavily toward centralized, opaque gatekeepers.

The future, in some ways, is already here thanks to what founders Jacob, Dee, Tyson, and the incredible team at Zora have built. Zora is an open protocol that makes it possible for anyone in the world to launch independent NFT collections, marketplaces, and experiences. We have only seen the tip of the iceberg of NFTs in web3 and believe Zora will become one of the most important protocols (and DAOs) as the NFT ecosystem and associated use cases meaningfully expand in the years to come.

Zora has already established itself as a key figure in the web3 / NFT zeitgeist, with close relationships with leading DAOs and specialized marketplaces, a popular online community publication, and well-attended weekly workshops led by Latasha, their talented Head of Community. As web3 expands and NFT use cases along with it, we believe Zora is well-positioned to become a critical layer in the web3 creator ecosystem.

Today, we are proud to be backing Zora during the next step in its journey: Zora Labs, the company building open developer and community tools, and the Zora Protocol, the DAO-governed hyperstructure. Taken together, this combination of open, permissionless protocol and tooling will enable and empower a new wave of creators and communities.

Jacob described our team as “venture contributors” and we have every intention of living up to that distinction by contributing to the growth, culture, and success of the Zora ecosystem. We feel deeply privileged to be along for the ride. Welcome Zora!

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