HerHouse Season 0 / Pt 1 Update
April 4th, 2022

What we’ve learned and where we’re heading next

Wow, what a whirlwind it’s been.

We’ve come a long way since we (Candace and Alexa, co-founders of HerHouse) started tossing around ideas for a new kind of web3 women’s group. In February, we published our manifesto and launched our first NFT project. Now, we’re charging full steam ahead. Our vision is simple: to build web3 ecosystem of women and non-binary builders collaborating to launch and scale projects, initiatives and brands that empower.

Here’s our update on Season 0, Pt 1:

First, let’s celebrate some wins. We’ve accomplished a lot since January.

Night of Venus 1000 Mint Celebration with CryptoVenus Crew
Night of Venus 1000 Mint Celebration with CryptoVenus Crew

The highlights:

  1. Published our ✍️ Manifesto and 👩‍👩‍👧‍👧 Culture Guide
  2. Built core team of 6 amazing womxn who are not only helping us build HerHouse, they’re also building their own web3 projects 🚀
  3. Had partnership conversations with 20+ womens led organizations/initiatives in order to begin building our Shecosystem
  4. Launched our partnership with PolyOne NFT / PolySpace, our web3 home in Brooklyn! 💁‍♀️Based in BK? Work with us IRL @ PolySpace
  5. Launched our first local chapter in NYC — join our HerHouse NYC group or apply to start your own local chapter by using our ☎️ HerHouse Local WhatsApp Sign Up
  6. Hosted our Night of Venus 1000 Mint Party with CryptoVenus ✨, which sold out TWICE! 👀 Check out the pics here 👀
  7. Hosted our Wonder Women of Web3 dinner in collaboration with with Yao Huang of The Hatchery. 🍽 Come to our next one on 4/13 by signing up here! 🍽
  8. Launched our internal Working Group applications — if you’re interested in learning about them, read through 🛠️Working Groups & Immediate Needs and then apply via 💪 Working Group Sign Up
  9. Launched our beta version of HQ (HerQuarters), our womxn-centric dashboard with everything from financial resources to creator platforms plus our HerHouse Web3 General Resource Guide
  10. Conducted 100+ interviews with womxn at different stages of their web3 journey in order to understand key gaps we can help fill through our initiatives. Willing to be interviewed? ​​ 🗓️Schedule 1:1 Time with Us
  11. Launched our 📆 Community Cal with a whole bunch of weekly events by and for womxn in web3
  12. Launched our HerWork Job Board featuring companies prioritizing womxn hires. Anyone specifically looking to add more womxn to their team can use the “Early Partner” tier for priority access to our talent pool. Shoutout to Pallet for their partnership on this.
The NEW HerWork Job Board
The NEW HerWork Job Board

Next, let’s review some of our key learnings. There were many, but we’ll focus on the top ones.

The learnings:

  1. Less is more: When we launched we had some grand ambitions. Our manifesto was stacked with ideas about our community, our verticals (Wealth, Health, etc.), our plans for our MVP, and our path to tokenization. That’s all still in the works but we learned that to make an impact, we need to focus on fewer, bigger, better.
  2. IRL>URL: IRL events are better at fostering real community connection vs. virtual ones.
  3. It all starts local: While it’s great to have IRL meetups at conferences and offsites, building local communities gives access to ongoing learning and collaboration opportunities.
  4. Group therapy (celebrating the good, venting about the bad) is powerful: We need support! 1;1 support is fantastic but there is power (and scalability) in groups.
  5. Collaboration is key: We’re stronger when we work together and lean on each other. Collaborative advantage outweighs competitive advantage, especially for women trying to build in web3.
  6. Quality over quantity: We can say yes to everything, we shouldn’t. In the same vein as we’re prioritizing fewer, bigger, better, we’re also looking for opportunities that produce actionable results and outcomes for us and our wider community.
  7. Low and slow over high speed: The space moves really fast and we want to keep up, but we also want to be thoughtful about what we do, so for now we’re focusing on low, slow growth we can sustain with our small core team and we’ll continue to reevaluate as time goes on.

What’s next

  1. Solidify partnerships: This quarter, we want to focus on establishing real, meaningful partnerships with other web3 womxn communities.
  2. Host more topic-specific events: We’ll focus less on general onboarding and meetups and more on events with intentional outcomes. Keep your eyes on our 📆 Community Cal
  3. Launch Discord: As we continue to grow our followers and expand our channel reach, we’ll finally launch our Discord, which is now live! 👾 Join our Discord here!
  4. Kickoff Twitter Spaces: Our Twitter spaces will be a fun way to cover the latest headlines with a women in web3 twist.
  5. Launch Newsletter: Pretty straightforward but we promise it won’t be like every other newsletter.
  6. Kickoff Support Groups: Through our interviews with creators, builders and beyond, we realized there is value in support groups. Our support groups will kickoff this month and will create safe spaces for creatives and builders to be vulnerable and real — to share the good, the bad and the ugly and learn from each other’s experiences, plus have a source for accountability. Learn more about our CreateHer Support Group here

And lastly, we wanted to share some other questions we’ve been pondering. Builders and creators, we’d love to hear what’s keeping you awake at night as well so DM us on Twitter and we’ll add to our running list, which over time we’ll try to answer!

The burning questions:

  1. How do I protect myself and my wallet from scammers?
  2. How TF do I make money from the DAOs I’m involved with?
  3. Do I need a separate accountant for crypto taxes?
  4. What should vs. shouldn’t be a DAO?
  5. How do tokenomics work?
  6. Why are there so many types of tokenomics and what are the ones I should know about?
  7. How do I decide which chain to build on?
  8. Should I join a web3 accelerator or venture studio?
  9. What’s the best metaverse for me to buy land in?
  10. What’s the status of interoperability?

That wraps our first update for Season 0. Much, much more to come. Thanks for climbing with us!

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