Holograph DAO


The ultimate goal of crypto is to encourage a more open, transparent, and efficient global financial system. To realize this vision, a foundational tokenization protocol is essential to enable the minting of tokens that interoperate natively across the onchain ecosystem. This is precisely why Holograph was developed, offering a framework for asset issuance across multiple chains, thereby laying the groundwork for a more cohesive crypto landscape.

Holograph is an omnichain tokenization protocol, enabling asset issuers to mint natively composable omnichain tokens. Holograph has been used to mint millions of onchain assets, making it one of the most widely used protocols for cross-chain asset production and distribution.


An onchain governance system empowers holders to influence and shape a protocol's trajectory. Over time, Holograph intends to gradually decentralize governance to HLG holders. Onchain governance will predominantly oversee the evolution of Holograph Protocol. The objective is to empower the Holograph community, providing them with the essential resources to build and maintain a foundational tokenization protocol. It is anticipated that with time, the DAO will assume greater accountability for protocol upgrades and maintenance.

A comprehensive roadmap for progressive decentralization will be crafted through collaboration between Holograph Core Contributors and the community. This joint endeavor aims to guarantee that the journey towards decentralization is open, transparent, and in alignment with the insights and requirements of the community.


Holograph's implementation of a token-based governance mechanism aims to grant HLG holders the authority to influence the direction of the protocol, signaling a deliberate step towards enhancing decentralization.

Onchain governance will assume a pivotal role in steering protocol enhancements. The governance structure will be crafted to progressively transfer decision-making authority to the DAO, potentially encompassing various functions such as approving protocol contract upgrades, messaging modules, fee adjustments, and token utility functionality.

It is imperative to incorporate input from both core contributors and the broader community to ensure that the transition towards a more autonomous and community-centric governance model is open and transparent.

For general information on Holograph, check out Holograph Foundation. For technical information on Holograph Protocol, check out Holograph Docs. For additional information, join the conversation on Discord and X to stay up to date on the latest community news.

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