On-chain LP Rewards Curve and Sushi
November 17th, 2022

Today we released a new tab and section in the app that allows you to make more money from your HOME Coin and Bacon. This is one of our top requested features from the community and we are happy to bring it to you all. Thanks again for the feedback.

Once you have your HOME Coin or Bacon navigate to the “Farming” tab Here you will find two options one for Curve and one for SushiSwap. Today, the Curve pool is for HOME Coin and the Sushiswap pool is for Bacon, but there will be some overlap as we plan to expand our presence on both.


For this opportunity, visit Curve to deposit HOME and/or USDC, USDT, or DAI. You will get Curve LP tokens in return for your deposit. Once you have your Curve LP tokens (which you MUST get from the Curve Pool for this to work), you return to www.homecoin.finance and click the Farming tab. Then choose Curve and then follow the step by step. Your first step is to deposit the Curve you got back from purchasing HOME Coin. Here’s the link to the Curve deposit page where you can get Curve LP tokens:

Now you have HOME Coin and Curve LP Tokens Use the interface below and stake and now you will receive Bacon rewards. When the Gauge is up and running this will be automated and done thru the UI at www.homecoin.finance. Today, you can claim bacon rewards on the app.


For this opportunity once you have your BACON, then go to the Sushi pool and stake them. The pool is here:

Now you should have Sushi LP tokens. Come back to www.homecoin.finance, click on the farming tab. Choose Sushi and then follow the step-by-step. Once you deposit it and stake it you will receive Bacon rewards.

Enjoy farming for Bacon rewards!

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