Axie Infinity-Origin Gameplay & How to Earn SLP
Crimson Eevee
June 10th, 2022

Is Axie Origin play to earn?

Axie Infinity-Origin and Axie Infinity Classic were separated, therefore SLP and AXS awards will be unavailable in the Axie Origin Early Access update for the time being. The game is free, and new players will receive three free non-NFT starters Axies. The idea is that it will allow individuals to try out the game without having to buy an NFT character or rent one from a manager player who leases access in exchange for a percentage of earnings.

The Early Access event for Axie Infinity: Origin has just begun. However, word of its existence spread quickly among crypto game fans, particularly Axie Infinity players. Axie Infinity: Origin is the most recent NFT game and is very similar to the original. However, this edition contains several enhancements, ranging from the storyline to gameplay to game mechanics. Keep in mind that after the Alpha period expires, all progress and materials earned will be lost. So take advantage of the Alpha period to learn how to play the latest edition of Axie Infinity.

Note: This Axie Infinity-Origin was able to earn tokens in the future but as of now the only thing we can do from this game is to learn how to play the game.

The Gameplay of Game

Learn how to play in Axie Infinity Origin for free. The game has free non-NFT Axies, it is time for us to explore the game.

First, you see the story of axie infinity origin and it is effective when we read every storyline to understand more about this game. If you are a beginner, the game has a tutorial on how to play the game and you should follow it to understand it better, it shows here every stage that we need to complete to access the features.

Second, click the play button to fight the battle ( Adventure Mode)

Third, it shows on your screen that you have three Axies and starts on five random cards that represent Axies’ abilities. You are free to read the description by tapping the card during battle to have an idea about the perks of the card to win the game.

Fourth, as a player, your objective is to kill all the axies of another player to win the game.

Fifth, if you see on the screen "Your Turn" then select the card to attack.

Sixth, once you're out of energy or done playing cards, click END TURN, and then the enemy turns to attack your Axies. When you are playing you should always be observant of the axies of the enemy to know what you are going to do the attack next. (All unused cards will be discarded at the end of each turn)

Seventh, There are cards that allow you to select a target by clicking on an enemy.

Next, when the game is about to end, you will see the icon that shows what the Chimera will do during its turn, and it depends on you if you want to know and click the icon.

Lastly, Try finishing this battle on your own and Have fun!

If you have finished the tutorials you are free to play in Adventure mode but if you want to play in Arena mode you need to first reach level 3 and complete the six stages of Chapter 1 to unlock.

It's easy to play Axie Infinity Origin and I hope you learned something about this article. Origin is still not officially full released and all transactions are not yet using the blockchain system. However, this game is confirmed to use Axie Infinity (AXS) and Smooth Love Potion (SLP) tokens upon release. During the Early Access period, Axie Infinity: Origin has not yet presented a collection of NFT in the game so that players can focus on learning the gameplay before deciding to buy NFT in the marketplace. Later when Axie Infinity: Origin is released, the NFT items that will be traded will be the same as the first version. Some of them are Axie characters and cards with varying levels of rarity.

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