Beginner’s Guidelines for Axie Infinity - Origin
Crimson Eevee
June 7th, 2022

Axie Infinity has released a new game mode called Origin. It's an NFT-based metaverse game in which players can trade, collect, and battle Axies. Intending to expand the Axie ecosystem, Axie Infinity: Origin is being soft-launched. So far, here's what we know. This release also features an Origin Alpha launch, which makes the game available to the entire world via Android APKs and Mavis Hub.

This is Axie Infinity's new fight version, which features a new UI, game mechanics, art, special effects, narratives, and a comprehensive onboarding experience. Now is the time! Free Starter Axies with the introduction of free non-NFT Starter Axies, the core game can now be tried for free! Axie Infinity: Origin This is an Early Access release, and there will be many upgrades over the coming weeks and months. It has never been easier to invite your friends and family to test it. Finally, both new and experienced players will be able to pick up the game and fall in love with the cosmos without having to deal with crypto or NFTs!

On Mavis Hub, Sky Mavis' distribution platform, the new standalone free-to-play Origin web game is available for download. According to Jeff Zirlin, a cofounder of Sky Mavis and its growth lead, the free-to-play alpha test was planned to begin last April, but the firm pushed it back after the attack. This was a free download game that started up quickly. You started with three free Axies and had the option of learning how to play in the adventure mode or jumping into the arena mode and simply getting through a few battles on your first try.

Learn about everything new in “Axie Infinity-Origin ” and how to install the game!

How to Log in on Axie App using Login account on Mavis.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to log in on Axie App using a login account on Mavis. Just Follow and Read every step properly:

Step 1: Download Mavis Hub (Desktop) 
Click the link below then directly go to the website of Mavis Hub to download.

Step 2: After Downloading Mavis Hub, log in with a new or existing account using the email and password.

Step 3: Install & Open Axie Infinity - Origin in Mavis Hub.

Step 4: Once inside the game, log in again with the same account used on the Mavis hub.

Step 5: Once you logged in, you will be asked to input your in-game NAME

Step 6: Congratulations. You have just finished setting up your account!

Note: Although Axie Infinity Origin is not yet available for purchase, you are welcome to play and explore with all of the cute Axies. Before we go into "Origin," keep in mind that this is an Early Access release, which means there will be numerous changes and enhancements in the following weeks and months.

The Purpose Of “Origin” Early Access

The purpose of the Early Access release is to gather player input and gameplay data to tune and improve before the full launch of "Origin," therefore there will be modifications between now and then. Please keep in mind that once the Alpha period expires, all progress and materials gathered will be reset. Take advantage of this opportunity to study "Origin's" revolutionary battle system and mechanics while having fun.

Brief Information about Gameplay Tutorials

Axie Infinity: Origin is an entirely new and unique experience, additional onboarding lessons have been added to assist even the most seasoned players as they delve headfirst into the game. Many of the mechanics and elements discussed in these lectures have yet to be disclosed! Through a whole new plot and interaction between Starter Axies in the PvE Adventure mode, you'll be able to immerse yourself in Lunacia's captivating and deep lore. The battle meta in Origin will change over the seasons due to a variety of factors such as introduction, deprecation, and updates. As with any competitive game, updates are required to keep the game fresh, exciting, and fun for players. Early Access for Axie Infinity: Origin is just the beginning of what's to come.

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