Start Earning VIS with Pegaxy
Crimson Eevee
July 4th, 2022

Welcome! In this article, we'll look at how much we can win playing Pegaxy, as well as all the factors to consider.

Pegaxy is the newest and most popular play-to-earn game. It's a multiplayer horse racing game in which 15 players battle for the top three spots. Pegaxy is strictly a racing game in which players have no choice except to enter their horses, known as Pega, into the race and let them run till the game is over. To win the race, Pegaxy also relies on many elemental variables. Speed, strength, lightning, wind, water, and fire are among them. And the proportion of each element is determined by the strategic upgrade, food, and talents that each Pega is built of.

How to earn

Racing your horses is the most common way to make money in the game. Each horse is limited to 25 races each day. The races feature 15 horses, with the top three receiving prizes. 1 receives 42 VIS, 2 receives 18 VIS, and 3 receives 10 VIS. None of the others is rewarded. Because the races are automated, you don't have to do anything other than click to enter. A horse's winning percentage is normally between 20 and 25 percent. As a result, you'll normally win 5 races per day.

The final option is to rent a horse. The game has a simple scholarship system that automates many processes. You can rent your horse for a set price or a percentage of your earnings.

If you have a lot of horses or don't have time to run the 25 races every day and want to optimize your earnings, both choices are quite appealing. When renting PGX, you can rent it for a day or a particular period of time, and after that, you will have the horseback to use, whereas, with PGX, you have paid to use it. In the event of the percent, the rewards are automatically dispersed in the percent that you have specified for each victory.



Connect your Wallet to the Polygon Chain and Pegaxy Website.

  • Go to Metamask Wallet
  • Then go to Setting Option
  • Click "Add Network"
  • Fill up the blank
  • Enter this Polygon Chain
  • After you add the Polygon Chain to your wallet
  • Go to the Browser of Metamask by clicking the three lines in the upper left of the page and then choose “browser”
  • Enter the URL link
  • After that, Click Connect
  • Finally, you set up the polygon chain and pegaxy site to your metamask and start earning Vis


Through renting out your Pega in the Rental Marketplace.

  • Renting out your Pega means that you are letting the renter race for you.

Pegaxy has two types of Renting: Shared Profit or Fixed Term Rental.

  • In Shared Profit, you can rent out your Pega for FREE to the public while putting a certain percent to your racing profit. For example, you can rent-out by 15% profit sharing, which means that the renter will have 15% of your racing profit and you have the remaining 85%.
  • In Fixed Term Rental, however, you can rent out your Pega for a certain amount of PGX or USDT. For example, you rent out your Pega for 150 PGX for 2 days. The renter, therefore, will pay you and will race the Pega for you. All profit gained during the 2 days’ rental will go to the renter.


When you click the Enter Race button, you will be immediately thrown into a lobby that matches your Pega's class.


Once the lobby is full, you will have 60 seconds to assess the track variables and fit gear to help your Pega match the tracks variables.


Watch as your Pega competes against 15 other players! If you finish in the top three, you'll receive VIS tokens!

  • Select “Race”
  • Enter the race lobby. Click "Start"
  • Wait for the lobby to fill.
  • You must fit Gear to your Pega (if you own any), and adapt your Pega to the race conditions.
  • Once the countdown is complete, the race will begin.
  • After the Race, you will see the rank of your horse.
    1st Win 42 VIS
    2nd Win 18 VIS
    3rd Win 10 VIS

Note: If you don't make the Top 3, don't give up on playing the Pega if you still have energy; you may win or lose, but if you're determined to make money, keep playing.

When you're a Pegaxy player, keep this in mind.

The reality of the Crypto World is now visible in our world. Take advantage of the opportunity while playing Pegaxy. Pegaxy is another way to get real money today, but keep in mind that you'll need patience and perseverance when playing. There are numerous ways to join the Pegaxy Universe, one of them is to obtain a scholarship that allows you to convert Vis into real money.

This game is for you if you enjoy competitive games. So, what exactly are you waiting for? Try it out right now!

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