Earning More with Higher Tier in Pegaxy

Let's maximize the earnings using a higher Pegaxy Tier.


In the automated racing game, breeding may play a vital influence in winning matches. The Pegaxy game turns the traditional breeding method into a paid tool, with horses' cooldown periods and breed counts limiting them. The game's next tool – the Pega burning process and tier-based rating – was made possible by the game's ability to create a limitless number of new Pegas. Breeding is the best way to obtain more Vis and more effective to gain Pega by doing this breeding. You can obtain more VIS the more pega you have.

Tiered Gameplay

Pegaxy will establish tiers for each breeding type in 2022, with higher tier Pegas receiving better rewards. This mechanic will act as a motivator to use Pegas and VIS.

In April 2022, the new rules for Pega fires were released. Burning two Pegas of the same tier (pacer, rare, epic, legendary, and founding) grants one Pega of a higher tier, with statistics reset. The breeding count of the new Pega will likewise be higher. Vigorus (VIS) tokens will be burned as well, with demand increasing with each tier.

This mechanism will take the hundreds of thousands of new Pegas and turn them into a smaller number of higher-tier Pegas, giving them a racing advantage.


The new burning mechanisms will include a Pega Merging feature as well as a Pega Level Up system, which we think will use not just the Vigorous token but also the Pegaxy Stone (PGX) token. The actual details of how both of these features function are still unknown at this moment, but it's safe to assume that they're both geared at boosting the attributes and abilities of your present NFT horses.

Pega Burning Mechanic

  • Burn two Pegas of the same rarity, then get a Pega from the next tier above.
  • The statistics will be shuffled (Re-roll of all stats)
  • $VIS will be spent on the procedure.
  • The new Pega's breed count will not be 0 (rares start at 4/7, epics at 5/7, and legendaries at 6/7). As a result, levelling from epic to legendary will cost more VIS than levelling from pacer to rare. This merger will not allow you to construct founding Pega.

Different lobbies

  • The price increases as the rarity increases.
  • There will be varying rarity lobbies. Rares will be pitted against rares, and so on…
  • Rewards have been carefully selected to assure the economy's continued growth, although they are subject to change.

Guide on How to Breed Pegas

Pegaxy is emphasizing the playability of Pegas and their qualities. Breeding systems are also used in the game to produce new competitive combinations. Because each Pega can breed up to seven times, the breeding system is a constant in the game. Each breeding costs Vigorus (VIS) tokens, with the fee increasing with each round.

**What are the Types of Breedable Pegas
Zan, Klin, Kampona, and Hoz are the four types of Pegas or lineages. The most common type is Zan, while the rarest is Hoz. The effects of combining two types of Pegas are predetermined for their baby Pega. Because the Hoz bloodline is recessive, it will inherit the type of the non-Hoz Pega parent, as shown in the table.Rarities are also a matter to consider.It works in a somewhat different way than we've seen in other games. To obtain a specific rarity, you must combine two horses of the same rarity, and you will always obtain a lesser rarity.

Do Bloodlines and Breed Types Affect Performance?

There is still no agreement on the best racing statistics. A Zan breed may defeat a Hoz in the game. Each Pega has a dashboard with transient attributes and concealed statistics. The player cannot see the hidden stats, but they strive for fairness. Pegaxy tries to make the race as fair as possible while providing incentives to choose the best Pegas.

How Many Pegas are Created?

The game will offer a selection of the greatest feasible NFTs for breeding and racing, based on OpenSea data. Guilds with several Pegas are the primary source of bulk breeding and coordinated events. As the game evolves from statistics to talents, the full effect of Pega counts will be known.

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