Introducing Pegaxy
Crimson Eevee
July 4th, 2022

What is Pegaxy?

PEGAXY, which is derived from the terms "Pegasus" and "Galaxy," is a futuristic mythological winged horse racing game. The horses are known as "PEGA," and players engage in PVP races for a utility token known as Vigorus "VIS."In general, Pegaxy is a game that allows players to earn money by competing in a PVP-style horse racing game. In addition to being challenging, this game can also generate cryptocurrency, which is beneficial to the players. With so much action building up in the Crypto gaming space, there is no better time than now to start experiencing these games as a player. Pegaxy is a game that has seen a lot of early growth in terms of users and revenue potential.

The Token of Pegaxy


This VIS token is the main token of Pegaxy's gaming and reward system, where players can earn real money by competing against other players in the game. You must place in the top three to receive VIS tokens. No VIS tokens are awarded to those who do not place in the top three. The amount of VIS awarded for races may change in the future due to the fast-paced nature of the in-game economy.

Energy of Pega

The energy levels of each horse begin at 25/25. You lose 1 energy point every time your horse races, and it takes 1 hour of not racing to recoup that point. You should race an individual horse as many times as possible every day to get the greatest results.


The primary focus of gaming development is racing gameplay, in which players can race to earn tokens. Mastering the elements is critical, and winning VIS is the ultimate goal. Choose the specific Pega for that given race and use their talents, strategies, upgrades, and foods to help the Pega win

Initial Investment

  • Scholarly Race. You can partner with a horse owner on the Pegaxy marketplace and agree on a profit split of the VIS using this form of earning percent share decided by the owner.
  • Pegaxy offers three types of Rental systems; Fixed Rental, Profit Share, and Direct Rental.

The traditional or "real world" renting style is the "Fixed Rental" scheme. In this situation, an NFT Owner just sells his Pega for a predetermined price, such as 2,000 PGX. The Renter will receive the Pega for a set period of time, such as 60 days, in exchange for 2,000 PGX.

In Shared Profit, you may rent out your Pega for free to the general public while investing a percentage of your racing profit back into your account. For example, you can rent out by 15% profit-sharing, which means the renter would get 15% of your racing earnings while you keep the other 85%.

About Pegaxy

Ken Pham, Steve Nguyen, and Corey Wilton founded Pegaxy, which launched its beta version in Q4 2021, along with its marketplace, rental system, and breeding programs.

The game's development will focus on large-scale rental schemes and the expansion of Pegaxy guilds. This strategy will allow the greatest number of users to play the game for free. A long-term vision is to hand over governance of Pegaxy to the active community, which will have control over future development and game direction.

We can support large-scale scholarship programs and guild growth using the in-game economic model. This allows people in developing countries to play the game for free while also earning money during the global pandemic. This is very much in line with our team's values.

Pegaxy is the newest NFT game that allows you to earn money while having fun. Apart from that, you must be familiar with the Pegaxy game's gameplay and game mechanics. That's about all there is to know about Pegaxy, the most intriguing horse racing NFT game. This game is for you if you enjoy competitive games. So, what exactly are you waiting for? Try it out right now!

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