Getting Started with Axie Infinity-Origin | The Basics

Starting Your Journey in Axie Infinity-Origin

The Axie Infinity-Origin will provide you with a non-NFT beginning Axie, and you will be able to obtain additional as you proceed through the PvE Adventure Mode. Old players can now use their NFT Axies that they were using in V2 and go straight to PVP/Arena. Let's give it a shot and see what we can learn about this free-to-play game in alpha testing.

Axie Infinity: Origin Cards

The Sky Mavis has revealed the upcoming Origin cards that will be released in the next Axie Infinity update. The cards revealed so far are for the Tail, Back, Mouth, Horn, and Ear cards. The Axie Infinity: Origin update is yet to be determined, but here is a list of all the Origin cards revealed so far by the developers.

Origin Tail Cards

We'll be giving the community early peeks at the cards leading up to the debut of Origin! Many of the cards are similar to their current versions, but with a new twist for Origin! Here are the tail cards without further ado:

Origin Back Cards

The back cards are dynamic and will vary over time in response to community feedback and data on relative power. Do not rely your purchasing decisions on these teasers; they are intended to give you a taste of what's to come in Origin and allow you to begin theorizing. Now for the back cards from Origin:

Origin Mouth Cards

Internal Origin tests are going well, and we're growing more and more eager for the launch. Here’s a sneak peek of Mouth Cards!

Origin Horn Cards

We’ve got the horns! Which of them are your personal favourites? Inform us! While we have your attention!

Origin Ear Cards

Ears will receive their own cards for the first time in Axie's history!

Note: While you are playing adorable axies you are free to read the description first of every card that you see on your screen to know what will be your next move.

Axie Infinity: Origin update, players can start strategizing and building the right cards on their Axies based on the list of cards revealed by the developers.

Axie Infinity: Origin (V3) – Status Effects / Buffs and Debuffs Guide

Status Effects are bonuses and debuffs that can affect Axies during combat in Axie Infinity: Origin. Positive status effects are Buffs, whereas negative status effects are Debuffs. Then there's the Status Effect Taunt, which is the game's only neutral buff so far. Floating icons on top of your Axies indicate whether they've received positive or negative status effects.




Classes of Axie

Aquatic, Beast, Bird, Bug, Dawn, Dusk, Mech, Plant, and Reptile are the nine classes in Axie Infinity. In combat, an Axie's class matters since each class have strengths and weaknesses against other classes.


With a nice speed and health balance. The most balanced and prevalent use in Axie Infinity is Aquatic Axie. Because of their speed and mid-high damage, aquatic classes are ideal for mid-lane positions.

Aquatic Basic Stats


Axie of the Bird Class has the best speed and damage of any class, making it the best back-lane attacker. Bird, with a top speed of 61, is always the first to attack. Because birds have the fastest speed yet the lowest health, you must defeat your opponent quickly before they reach your Bird Axie.

Bird Basic Stats


Dawn is also known as "Star" and is considered a "hidden class." There is a 33% possibility of having a Dawn offspring when a player breeds pure Aquatic and Bird Axies. Because the Dawn class lacks its own Body Parts and Cards, it will receive a 7.5% class boost shield/attack when playing Aquatic and Bird cards instead than the typical 15% bonus.

Dawn Basic Stats


Beast has the highest morale of any class, making it the most effective attacker with a high possibility of landing critical attacks. However, due to its low health, the beast can be fairly vulnerable, hence the greatest role for the beast is that of a back-line attacker.

Beast Basic Stats


In Axie Infinity, the bug class Axie serves as the support type duty. Bug skill/cards weaken the opposing team more frequently, making it the strongest mid-lane support role.

Bug Basic Stats


The Mech class is also known as "Nut" and is considered a "hidden class." There is a 33% probability of generating a Mech child when a player breeds pure Beast and Bug Axies. Because the Mech class lacks its own body parts and cards, it will receive a 7.5% class bonus shield/attack when playing Beast and Bug cards rather than the typical 15% bonus.


The plant is the greatest front-line Tank position in Axie Infinity, with the most health and defense. Plant skill/cards are the greatest sustain kind in the game because they include both defensive and heal cards. If you have a low-HP team. You'll need a Plant to keep them all safe.

Plant Basic Stats


Axie, a reptile class with great health and speed, is the best role for a mid-lane semi tank type. Reptile skills and cards have an excellent defense, debuffs, and damage types. Other players put their Reptile Class towards the back because reptiles always win in one-on-one battles.

Reptile Basic Stats


The Dusk class, also known as "Moon," is a 33% chance of getting a Dusk offspring when a player breeds a pure Plant and Reptile Axie. Because the Dusk class lacks its own Body Parts and Cards, it will receive a 7.5% class bonus shield/attack when playing Plant and Reptile cards instead of the normal 15% shield/attack bonus.

Dusk Basic Stats

Basic Rules and Things to Remember when playing Axie:Origin

Your account will have Free Starter Axies but take note you will not earn NFT or SLP if you use the free axies.

The game is available on Mavis Hub and Android mobiles. To download the game, you can go to and choose your preferred device to play.

Install the game afterwards and log in using existing Marketplace accounts that have been migrated over to the new Sky Mavis account system.

In Axie Infinity-Origin opponents will now take turns using their cards and Axies will now execute their moves immediately as cards are played, unlike before in Version 2 where you choose cards simultaneously at the beginning of the round.

Energy and Cards are now Reset each turn
Cards and Energy that are not used in a turn will no longer accumulate in the next turns by default during battle. This means that you will not gain any advantage or incentive when you skip turns and do not use your energy/cards.

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