Summoning Hydra Ventures.

“The essence of the Hydra is multiple decentralized minds working together to operate a single powerful body. Each head has a different perspective and may form its own intention but needs to collaborate with the other heads to choose a path forward. It’s the original DAO, in meatspace monster form.

Oh and if self-obsessed, glory-seeking “heroes” (I see you Moloch) try to chop off one of the Hydra’s heads? Two more heads regrow in its place, increasing decentralization and demonstrating the power of antifragility. In classical myth, Hercules is only able to defeat the Hydra by cauterizing each newly chopped head to prevent regrowth and by burying the final immortal head under a huge rock.

There the head presumably lies today, whispering “coordinate” to the roots and the dirt and the worms.” - Victor Rortvedt, Hydra Ventures Whitepaper”

Arise, Hydra.

Introducing Hydra Ventures, the first dedicated investment DAO fund of funds.

We’re solely focused on backing, incubating, and participating in investment DAOs across the web3 ecosystem.

We are proud to announce that we are officially live after a $10m raise to invest in 20-30 investment DAOs with check sizes up to $500k over the next three years, and additionally expect to help incubate another 7-8+ DAOs as a day one partner.

In addition to being a first check partner of investment DAOs, we aim to take a hands-on approach to support investment DAOs in all aspects, from community coordination, investment practices, organizational design, incentive design, and back office/ops.

Our mission is to proliferate the movement of investment DAOs, and further help establish new market standard practices for how investment DAOs are operated, structured, and designed.

Who we are.

Summoned by 1kx, MetaCartel, and Thing3, Hydra is itself an investment DAO where the entire entity is legally owned and fully operated/managed by its members.

With over 70+ members at the summoning, our members are direct summoners and participants across the entire investment DAO landscape, ranging from: MetaCartel Ventures, The LAO, Flamingo DAO, GCR, SeedClub, Orange DAO, ReadyPlayer DAO, Symmetrical, Noise DAO, KRPDM, Chainforest, Beaker DAO, Matchbox DAO, Punk DAO, Red DAO, VitaDAO.

We are extremely proud to have the following participants onboard:

1kx. Collab+Currency. Wicklow Capital. Consensys Mesh. CMT Digital. MetaCartel Ventures. KR1. Logos DAO. NEAR Foundation. Polygon Foundation. Hutt Capital. SeedClub Ventures. Nonagon. Tane Labs. Owl Ventures. Daedalus. Fire Eyes. Zypsy. Tokentus. 707v. Syndicate. Maverick Crypto. NxGen.

Victor Rortvedt. Shawn Dimantha. Austin Mckee. Kenny Rowe. Ben Middleton. Michael Zargham. James Brodie. Garrett Mcdonald. Yoni Ben Shimon. vfat. Jakub Rusiecki. Jordan Lazaro Gustave. Ivan Fartunov. David Espinel. Raz. Ameen Soleimani. Eric Arsenault. Marcos C Veremis. Regan Bozman. Rolf Hoefer. Sky Minert. Jack Sun. Dekan Brown. Kiyo Kobayashi. Abishek Dharshan. Jonathan Hillis. Kazsa Tamai. Zaak. Tae. Nathan Sexer. Alex Bashlykov. Gustav Friis. Don Kei. Alex Yamashita. Rishav Bajoria. MetaDreamer. Evgeny Gokhberg. Evgeny Yurtaev. Seok Hyun Sim. Shadi Paterson. Neil A. Rishav Bajoria. Pierre Laurent. William Piquard. Gabriel Rebibo. Mohib Jafri. Shriank K. Benjamin Rameau. Cassandra Shih. Sachin Mittal 

Arise Hydra!

Working with us.

If you are launching an investment DAO or an NFT collector DAO or are thinking about starting one, please reach out to us. We would be extremely excited to learn more and understand how Hydra could get involved to support.

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