HyperPlay: a web3-native game launcher

**Today, several of us from the Game7 DAO are announcing HyperPlay, a web3-native game launcher from the future. HyperPlay is an open-source desktop application where interoperability is the default for Web3 games. **

HyperPlay, built in close collaboration with MetaMask, was built to ensure a seamless user experience for both players and developers. The platform lets players dive into every game they play with the same wallet containing their NFTs, tokens, and achievements, thereby enabling full interoperability for Web3 games.

Until now, Web3 game developers have been forced to sacrifice usability for function, with no viable solution to add interoperability to native games. If game developers wanted great wallet interactions, they had to build a browser game with poor performance. If they wanted great performance, they could build a native game, but then they had to push all transactions into a separate web application. Or worse, they had to embed a single-game wallet into their game, where web3 assets become siloed and little more than a gimmick.

With HyperPlay, developers can build the permissionless game economies they dream of. Players can take assets between games, swap them or lend them in DeFi, and follow their friends’ wallets.

Web3 gaming can comprise more than just secondary markets or yield farms, and HyperPlay is the proof. Players can connect their wallet (MetaMask or WalletConnect) via the launcher and use the same wallet to venture into every native desktop game they install and launch from HyperPlay. Browser games are discoverable and supported, too.

The game launcher supports both the Epic Games Store and GOG, ensuring playability for any game released through a supported store. Games can also be sideloaded into HyperPlay. For developers, HyperPlay is open source, free to build on, and provides a simple API to request transactions, signatures, or any other requests that are possible with MetaMask. 

For more information or to request an interview with HyperPlay Founder jacobc.eth, please contact media@game7.io.

To sign up for the Developer Alpha, visit the HyperPlay website at www.hyperplay.gg.

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