Intro + New Project
December 28th, 2021

Hey everyone, my name is Brandon.

I’m an engineer and I got into NFT’s this summer, and built my first solidity contract sometime this fall. There’s a Brandon coin floating around Polygon somewhere..

The first project that really caught my fascination was Chainrunners. I remember digging into their rendering contract and being blown away that you could render an svg on-chain like that.

While this was happening, I was also looking for an NFT to use as my PFP. But I couldn’t seem to find one that felt like an accurate presentation of myself. I do enjoy the generative pieces, however its impossible to sift through 10,000 randomly generated apes to find that one that fits my personality. And so this was the inspiration for my project: a custom NFT collection where the art is provided by the minter.

Let me tell you about my project.

The idea was simple, the minter provides an image on our website, we perform some off-chain image processing, and then ship the pixelated image to our smart contract.

With this idea in my mind, I recruited my brother who had already worked on previous NFT projects alongside me. It took a good amount of sweat, we banged our heads against the wall trying to figure out how to run k-means clustering, compact bits, and then render everything on-chain. However I’m pleased to finally announce, we now have a working project:

Pixelation #1 and its base image
Pixelation #1 and its base image

There were a lot of interesting on-chain and off-chain techniques we had to use in order to pull this off in an optimal, gas-efficient manner. Some things we pulled off of Stack Overflow, other things we had to go back to our machine learning classes in school, and a lot of things we borrowed from previous on-chain projects like Chainrunners, Anonymice, and Blitmap. More on these techniques in my next post.

Why does this project matter.

We’re excited about the pixels for a number of reasons. First off, its fully on-chain. That means all pixelation data is stored on the blockchain, and the metadata and images are rendered in our smart contract. This is the gold standard in NFT’s. It means that every pixelation is as permanent as Ethereum itself.

Secondly, the art is user generated. Our unique approach is that we don’t have an artist drawing up layers for us, rather the minter provides the base image. This could be an IRL photo, a JPEG pulled off the internet, or even a piece of art. This allows you to create your own NFT PFP custom tailored to your personality. It could still be a randomly generated ape, or it can be something even more unique.

Third, we’re working on a roadmap that is driven forward by our community. True to the Web3 ethos, we want this project to be owned by our community (the art literally is created by the community) and we’ve got a roadmap that will make that even more possible. More on that also in an upcoming post.

Next steps.

We just launched, and currently Pixelations are available to mint once you get on our whitelist. In order to do that, all you have to do is join our Discord and follow us on Twitter. We’re a very new and small community at the moment, but we’ve got big dreams.

Much more to come.

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