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Illegible Enterprises: DAOs, Unwrapped

This is the second in a series on legal entity structuring for DAOs. Part I, on the problem of illegibility in entity formation, can be found here. Part II, below, addresses the role of entity formation in risk management for DAOs, and Part III addresses risk management for DAO contributors (and will be linked here when published).
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Illegible Enterprises: The Problem of DAO Legal Structuring

This is the first in a series on legal entity structuring for DAOs. Part I redefines the fundamental problem facing DAOs and their counsel with respect to legal structuring, and Parts II and III outline two potential solutions, with additional Parts to follow as the law of DAOs evolves.
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The Lawyers' Dilemma

Mike Wawszczak
January 18
I’ve made a nice little career for myself as a technology lawyer, so far. I've moved from big corporate firms, to a large in-house team, to managing a team at a mid-sized firm, to general counsel of a fast-growing startup, and now I’m building my own practice.